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  1. I have the Asus p5n32-SLI 680i deluxe and this board is absolutely the best board i have ever used to date. No issues at all. I can run my cpu stable @ 3.6 but the heat worries me so my 24/7 settings are 3200mhz @1.25v and running my ddr2 @ 4-4-4-12 1T with 2.1v The only thing i find strange with this board is that the memory bandwidth goes to C R A P when you hit over 1600FSB ive tried all the way up to 1900fsb and it gets worst the higher you go. If anyone knows how to fix the bandwidth issue over 1600FSB let me know plz.
  2. Ok Thx Sho, i was thinking of using the bfg bios and flashing the reference card with it, if the reference card passes all the test with no artifacts then it should be ok or? I hope IG can help me out.
  3. Ok here it goes guys, I have 1 bfg 7800gtx oc and 1 reference Nvidia 7800gtx and i tried to set them up in SLI but the screen goes black when i enable SLi in the NVIDIA control panel, My lcd switches several times searching for a source from Analog to Digital then goes in standby mode. The first attempt on boot i got a BSOD in Windows, reset the pc then got in windows fine, then when i enabled SLI it seemed to accept it then i tried CS source and it worked but the screen flickers black now and then. I was thinking that it might be the fact that the cards are not identical. What should i do? what programs do i need and what is the best way to see if SLI is actually working ? Thanks a million in advance guys.
  4. 3d2001 is more a cpu related test and doesnt really test your gpu all that much , a better gpu does help, but much of the points come from the cpu in 3d2001. You could prolly hit 15k with an fx-57 and a 5500 lmao...
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