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  1. Yes you can download the drives online you just have to dig around and fine them, I will look at see what I can find. Maybe someone that is a driver finding pro will post links for you hint hint hint Is the computer running better now?
  2. You need to download and run this as well. Auslogics
  3. Maybe run a PC Pitstop Scan for us and post the results? These three scans are about the best you will find but will take about 3 hours of your time if your up to them. Kaspersky SuperAntiSpyware Malwarebytes
  4. Here is some additional reading material. MSN Issues
  5. Check system clock maybe? Here is a list of what MSN says causes such issues that you might wanna check if you haven't already. - Firewall settings are blocking MSN Messenger. - MSN Messenger proxy settings are incorrect. - Security settings are blocking MSN Messenger. - Your date and time settings may be incorrect. - You are trying to sign in by using an incorrect password or e-mail address. - An anti-spyware program or an antivirus program may be conflicting with MSN Messenger. - Files that are required to make a successful Internet connection are corrupted. - You are using a portable computer and are experiencing a problem when you switch network environments.
  6. What did you do to make that happen? Did you run some type of registry program?
  7. As terry says it could be the adapter or even the motherboard but lets hope not. Try doing this: 1. Shut down 2. Unplug 3. Remove battery 4. While battery is out, hold down power button about 10 seconds. 5. Replace battery 6. Turn comp back on 7. Wait one minute 8. Plug in If by chance you do get it working remember in the future not to leave battery in the laptop when you have plugged into the wall.
  8. Model and such of computer? Oops nm I see it
  9. Unplug your USB devices. Go into device manager and right click the USB drive in question and uninstall it then reboot your computer twice. Hopefully that will fix it. From what I have seen Norton has been known to cause this issue after specific updates. Do you have Norton on the system? Let us know if this works What OS are you using?
  10. HJT logs are over here. Post it there thank you
  11. Maybe start it in safe mode and do your scans.
  12. See if this does it for you from microsoft.
  13. You shouldn't have to go through all that to install updates. What is the error code, number and such your getting?
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