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  1. I've done all you've suggested. Thanks so much for your help! Computer seems to be running as it was before this whole thing happened. I really appreciate the help! From everyone! I've bookmarked this website and might stick around too.
  2. Avast didn't pick anything up. Anything else I should run?
  3. Should I now scan my computer with any specific programs? I've just reinstalled Avast and am doing a full scan with that now.
  4. caintry - thanks for your reply. I'm just completing the repair now, looks like the error I was getting from programs might have ceased. The only one I could make happen on cue was when I right clicked on my volume control in the toolbar and clicked Playback Devices - and im not getting the error when I do this now. Framework is still doing its thing at the moment, once thats finished I'll restart the computer and see what happens. Fingers crossed!
  5. Unfortunately I need the disc for that repair too. :/
  6. The system is working (seemingly) faster, but I'm still getting this error every time I open most programs. I'm trying to burn this Windows 7 to usb to repair the system files suggested by Joe. Thanks for your help Juliet.
  7. I'm trying to put Windows 7 on a USB because I don't have the disc from when I bought the computer. So the only way I can boot is from USB as I have no discs. But I'm getting the usual error so I don't think I can complete the iso to usb transfer. >.<
  8. I've deleted all 4 files. Yes FL was cracked, never even used it. So they're all gone.
  9. Those ones weren't located by ESET earlier today, but I also didn't have all of the options selected in Advanced. Edit: I tried LGKC - no luck. Still getting the same errors. I even get them when I right click on my Volume option on the bottom tool bar and click 'Playback Devices', it says; "control.exe - Bad Image C:WindowsSystem32sfc_os.DLL is not.." etc. I'm guessing I may have deleted a Windows file today when getting rid of the trojans..
  10. Ok ESET just finished. This is what I got in the log file; [email protected] as downloader log: all ok # version=8 # OnlineScannerApp.exe= # OnlineScanner.ocx= # api_version=3.0.2 # EOSSerial=8af115d730c5d24e962f271a247b43ed # engine=15643 # end=finished # remove_checked=false # archives_checked=true # unwanted_checked=true # unsafe_checked=true # antistealth_checked=true # utc_time=2013-10-26 02:16:08 # local_time=2013-10-27 01:16:08 (+1000, AUS Eastern Daylight Time) # country="Australia" # lang=1033 # osver=6.1.7601 NT Service Pack 1 # compatibility_mode=5893 1677
  11. Avast never picked anything up. ESET is still going, looks like about 1% left. It's taking forever for this last 5%. So far its found 4 Infected files. Win32/OpenCandy application Win32/Somoto.E application multiple threats Win32/OpenCandy application Thats what its saying so far. Looks like this thing is spreading?
  12. Fingers crossed we can get it working. :)Anything to stop me losing everything and having to do a fresh install. Got too much stuff on this damn computer.
  13. You've been lots of help so far. ESET is still going. Only a few % left. It's Windows 7 Home Premium
  14. I apologise for my lack of knowledge when it comes to all of this. I've never really experienced much hassle when it comes to my PC. It's usually always clean Virus free etc. Daily scans and everything. Not sure what could have done it this time. I'm just hoping I don't need a clean Windows Install / format.
  15. Where does it save? Edit: I found it in Program FileESETESET Online Scannerlog.txt - but I think its been reset because I reinstalled it for the one its doing now. ESET only had about 5% left to scan. It's taken almost an hour and a half. Nothing found yet.
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