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  1. Well, many of the guys who commented above missed an important point. Guess what? It's related to Sandbox feature. Sandbox is a vital feature in Chrome is already activated. Inter-version conflicts cause Google Chrome crashes. Disable it to get rid of your issue. 1. Right click Google Chrome, select Properties. 2. Click Shortcut tab --> Target. 3. Add following- " --no-sandbo" (without quotes) 4. Apply and save the settings. For more diagnostic solutions, visit: http://chromecrashes.com/
  2. Well, your Google Chrome data files are corrupt. Delete all app data files so that Chrome will re-create them again the next time you open it. 1. Press Windows Key + R, or click Start | All Programs | Accessories | Run. 2. Type AppData in the textbox. 3. Click OK or press ENTER. 4. Open following folder: C:Users{Enter User Name Here}AppDataLocalGoogleChromeUser DataDefault 5. Delete all files in the Default folder.
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