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    91' Ford F-150, 4.9 Ford 300 Inline 6 Rear wheel drive Automatic transmission Heat/Air Conditioning AM/FM Radio 191,347 Miles
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  1. In prayers for a speedy recovery.
  2. Incredible find. Thank you. I don't have the time to tinker with the console itself today. I will look into seeing if maybe I could do a swap out of the optical drive if that's all possible. If all else fails. I may end up having to replace the console all together. It's has been sounding funny and the disc door sticks closed and I have to physically push on the front frame of the disc housing to get the door to function. If it's as simple as replacing the three rubber coasters on the laser drive itself. That's a fairly simple fix. On the plus side, I am relieved that it isn't something th
  3. Recently I've been more active on my Xbox 360 console. Keep in mind this system is one of the first release models. As of late. I've noticed an issue with my disks becoming laser burned. This has been an intermittent problem so far. I have never used anything in the disk drive other than what it's designed for. I have gone to the Xbox website and use the help and support. All they could tell me is that I moved my Xbox while it was running. I have informed them that this was not the case. The Xbox is stationary under my TV. No movement that I know of has been a factor in this incident. This iss
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