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  1. WoW,that's AWESOME. Now i can play again my Steam games while waiting my new pc... Thx Volvo LOL
  2. Well,for me the Steam and Origin issue is gonna be fixed next week (i ordered a new pc from EBAY) xD
  3. Guys... ehm i have a bad news... Like what i said a few days ago i contacted the Steam support about this problem of sse2 related to In Home Streaming... well,after trying things such as Reinstall Steam, Send Dxdiag files and other stupid things like launch Steam without USB External Hard Disk and more... LOL well,this is they're reply... ''If this does not resolve the issue (Launch Steam without things like USB External Hard Disk,Gamepad etc...) please contact your manufacturer for assistance in updating your video and audio drivers which appear to be outdated.'' I tryed to Update Audio and Video drivers but nope... I think... we should use this $$$ or bye bye Steam
  4. Well,atm Steam it's still not working
  5. I already send a ticket to Valve... I hope they will fix this. Anyway,i think i found the cause of sse2. In Home Streaming = Stream games on another pc From what i read,this start when you run Steam.exe and propably it require SSE2...
  6. Toribash (figthing game F2P added on Steam) doesn't work. I get an ''Has Stopped Working'' I tryed to change Zlib.dll but no luck. EDIT: Somebody can test Steam? Because a new update has been released and Steam is not working anymore. I get an ''Application Error 0xc...'' and other numbers.
  7. Cool,i will try this ^^ Also,i saw here that Dungeon Defenders it's working by using nvtt.dll fix. Well,i replaced it and the game runs but... after the intro i get a black screen and nothing happens. Somebody know a fix? EDIT: I'm downloading NMRIH (No More Room in Hell) I will test it tonight or tomorrow EDIT 2: I downloaded it but when i reach the main menu, i saw it for 1 sec and after that i see the message ''Platform Error Serverbrowser.dll not loading''
  8. LoL Anyway on Steam it's on Sale Arma 2:OA (Operation Arrowhead) i wanted to buy it for play Dayz (the mod) Somebody know if it's working on sse cpu? Because the requirements seems different from Arma 2
  9. Ehm... no lol I mean,the Steam Client Beta (you can activate it from Steam Settings) Sometimes fix bugs or crash for Steam games.
  10. Yes,you can download it but after that you need some Chinese things (something like a chinese code) and,no. Rayman Legends doesn't work. Also,somebody can try Steam with BETA? Because with the latest update it crashes after 1 second but without Beta works.
  11. The Cod Online website it's still working http://codol.qq.com/
  12. Uhm? W*T*F*? Counter Strike Online 2 have SOURCE ENGINE = CSS/Cs:go Engine i think you saw CSO 1 = Counter Strike Online = cs 1.6/cz Engine At the moment i can't download it cause of my SLOW connection,maybe on weekend... Anyway i tested XNA Lara. It's something like Gmod for Pose but better and it's working
  13. Yet Another Zombie Defense:it's working Blast Em!: Not Working,i get a ''stopped working'' message after 1 second lol. I think it's caused from tier0 who use SSE2.
  14. Guys,Origin works? Cause i can't get it work. I get a ''Illegal Instruction error'' O_o
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