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  1. hey long time since i been here (for some reason i cant log into my old account icebear/lusafis wish i could find a way to get back on !) anyway my problem i am having is a weird one and here comes the wall of text So some games like Monster hunter world take over 15mins to startup (i counted) and a few other games take about 5 mins or wont even boot at all (but other games work just fine) so after a few tries i i found that by changing the timings of my RAM or just moving them to different slots from each other will fix the issue until i restart my pc again. i have tried default r
  2. having trouble trying to get my laptop to detect my PS3 controller i have motion joy installed and the drivers but it will not detect my bluetooth adapter the bluetooth hardware is a Qualcomm Atheros AR3012 hell it wont even detect my phone or anything
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