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  1. I don't visit pornographic websites, so you shouldn't make such vast assumptions. That is also extremely offensive where I come from.
  2. Thanks for the replies people. I will consider your option TX but, knowing what I know it is most likely going to be pointless. MITM probably doesn't even cover the fun I'm having. Here's the report of that CKScanner anyway Maude: CKScanner 2.3 - Additional Security Risks - These are not necessarily badc:documents and settingsjjpfavoritesstudying & researchinghealthdon't crack your neck!.urlscanner sequence 3.AP.11.MANAQI----- EOF ----- Yes, not just curious, it's hilarious Was just seeing if anyone had heard of anything like it. Here's an example of what it's like:
  3. Thanks for the input but, bugged was spot on. This is a very rare incidence that does not fit any of the standard procedures. Yes, I am talking "Enemy of the State" film type scenario.What I am talking about is tested beyond doubt, you will just have to take my word for this - there is far too much info to explain. It does not require any testing or process of elimination - I've done that myself for many months, what I have told you is the fact of the situation. So please try take on-board what I am saying. Bear in mind I use a wired Internet connection, never anything Wi-Fi.I have now con
  4. So as I was saying, about those online things. They have access to YT admin controls. Not only is my computer under constant influence, I am being sent things that have relation to real-life events. In other words, there is no process of elimination needed in this, what I am telling you is fact. The issue is most definitely a 3rd party involvement. Potentially 4th, 5th and 6th. What kind of authority is required to get access to Youtube admin abilities do you know? Any ideas on the above and first post would be much appreciated.
  5. Hey there,I would appreciate some help/feedback on a professional computer hacking issue targeting myself currently. My computer is under someones constant hacking surveillance, as if in on a direct joint-lan type of connection, and this has been going on for months. It is potentially government sponsored / White hat style hacking(?) so you can guarantee they know what they are doing, and could possibly be hard to undo(?)There are a few things I'm hoping you can help resolve. The main issue I wish to resolve is:1) The intentionally created sluggish nature of the operating system2) The intentio
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