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  1. 13, with right index finger. i'll try it again when i get home, if i remember.
  2. It shouldn't slow down your raptor. Our school computers have maxtors (some of them at least, and all of them in the class i have 1st/2nd period), and you can't hear the drives at all. http://maxtor.com/portal/site/Maxtor/menui...dMax%20Plus%209 The drives that have FDB motors (quiet) are labeled on their site. Yours doesn't have one, so that's why it is loud. I believe all newer drives have FDB motors to cut down on noise so you shouldn't have a problem when you get a new drive. Check the model number on maxtor's site to be sure, though.
  3. or one of these: http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=3GYRNWST7FCS76WR http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=VLKC0WGNGWCSR3WR http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=X9AU0WT4YACS77WR Yes, they do all run windows xp. I used the 3rd one, it's my friends' comp (he got it from someone else). He has a faster computer that he uses as his main one though. The 2nd one is a friends' comp, that's his main one so it kinda sucks.
  4. i just went for the same as you, 1:05. i could probably go for longer but didn't try too hard. if i was in better shape and was more active, it'd be easier.
  5. on ebay, you might be able to get around $30 or so. http://search.ebay.com/search/search.dll?c...+pro&category0=
  6. 184 pin is DDR SDRAM. Any speed will work. what's the model of the computer?
  7. i have a 30GB maxtor, without a fan it's too hot to touch but the sensor said around 45C.I use a fan to cool it, and it runs at around 25C. http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=6Q7X0WT10RCSMDAR C: is the drive. It doesn't seem like "crap" when it's running cool/cold.
  8. lol.. i did once. i don't remember most of it, but i was in some weird place, and i had a mobo, ram (corsair), and an athlon 64, and the ram had cpu heatsinks on it o_O and they were caked with white thermal paste. that's the only one i remember. maybe it's telling you that you should buy crucial ram..
  9. it sounds like you can get DDR and take out the SDRAM.DDR is faster. Any PC2100 stick or faster will work fine.
  10. more memory isn't going to make the performance faster. it usually does make your computer run faster though. more =/= faster
  11. every day at school i'm on a computer for around 100 minutes (2 periods), this morning i noticed the forum was down so i had nothing to do D: our school blocks a lot of sites (they blocked wikipedia, and they don't block half of the game sites out there, shows how bad the filter is), so i can't do much there. also, we can't run any programs (i'm sure you guys know ways around that..), so that gives us even less to do. both periods are pretty much free for me unless my teacher needs me to do something for him (i'm an aide). thanks bruce. just registered.
  12. You know what I mean.... http://apc.com/products/family/index.cfm?id=21
  13. I accidentally shocked myself with my power supply.. I was trying to stop the fan and didn't think first about what i was actually putting in the PSU to stop the fan (i used metal, wow i'm dumb), and then i shocked myself and my computer turned off. Luckily, everything worked fine besides the surge protector, so i just got a new one and a UPS. It was a really strong shock, but it didn't really do anything to me (felt that way at least), since i was fine a few minutes after. Grounding is good. A girl in my spanish class had one of those pens, i held my thumb on it for a while and got bored. :[ It was sorta funny at first though. I thought it was a real pen for some reason, and then remembered about those shocking ones.
  14. I have a seagate drive, it's good in one sense because i've dropped it too many times by accident (onto a hard surface) and it has no problems running. when i bought it, it only came with a 1 year warranty, and a few months after, seagate switched to 5 years :\ I have 4 maxtor drives that are fairly old but still work well. The SMART does not work at all on one though, and we didn't use that drive too much. I honestly don't see a problem with any of the top manufacturers HDs (maxtor, seagate, WD, fujitsu, toshiba). Maybe some individuals have had bad experiences, but everyone does with one thing or another, and that leads them to believe that the company sucks.
  15. LCDs don't need a refresh rate higher than 60 Hz. I don't know what a higher one would do, but it'd probably be safest to set it at 60 Hz. A refresh rate too high can damage the monitor, so maybe a higher refresh rate than 60 Hz for an LCD might be bad for it. KDL: I have an LCD and a CRT. I use a 60 Hz refresh rate on both of them. I don't understand why people use a higher refresh rate (75, 85, or 100 Hz) for CRTs. I can notice a slight difference (seems to respond faster) but that's about all. I'm sure you know, so i thought i'd ask there is some reason. Don't give me a straight out answer like "because of eye strain", since i used to sit in front of the CRT for many hours and it didn't bother my eyes at all (1024x768 32 bit 60 Hz).
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