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  1. I agree but it's easier said than done of course. I tried to hold the parts together but the slightest move breaks the connection, the drive disappears, and the data stops copying. I'm going to try soldering it tonight. I have to pick up one of those tiny-tipped soldering pens on my way home. The one I have at home was too big. Thanks for the response!
  2. One day, while plugging in the USB cord to the drive it didn't turn on. Upon further examination, I found the plug inside the drive housing was loose. When I disassembled the cover, the plug which connects to a tiny circuit board inside the drive was broken on the left making the enclosure inoperable.I have to say, in looking at how the plug is connected, I'm surprised it even lasted this long with that little bit of metal keeping the plug to the circuit board. I tried connecting it to external SATA cables but the drive won't work unless it's connected using the original USB plug which h
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