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  1. Thank you sir I will respond If i find the solution too. I think I know now the problem now. I will reply here if I fix it. Thank you sir for your time god bless
  2. ouch but before my computer never occur this I dont know what virus my computer gets. Before my computer problem is network problem + auto zoom. After we reformat the computer only one problem left the auto zoom.
  3. Need help anywhere i go, it occured when I press on the keyboard + mouse sometimes only in paint or counterstrike.
  4. yup bruce and caintry_boy I using keyboard + mouse in the game ryt now. and notice something when i hold one letter in keyboard + click from mouse the auto zoom occured sometime auto move. You know what to do?
  5. My mouse no need drivers or doesnt have. I did try your tips still error occur "Auto zoom" any other tips?
  6. WHen I playing offline games OR online games sometimes my mouse auto scroll is this a virus? because i use three mouse already. keyboard and mouse in the games it could be that one of the combinations causes the scrolling and zoom to happen.
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