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  1. nope. think very little goes toward that. iain, you said manufactored war on drugs, do you feel that this country does not have a drug problem?
  2. are you asking us or telling us drovers? i feel this issue concerns all americans. you cannot decide that an issue does not effect you personally so you just wont involve yourself or form an opinion on it. drug addicts, drug dealers, drug manufactorers out of jails and on the street are a problem for all americans.
  3. we are not debating the war on drugs here, we are debating the claim that women should get a break under sentencing laws cause they have kids. these women want to use kids that they neglected and pawned off on god knows who to go party and use to get out of going to jail and prison. suddenly they want to be mom of the year. oh and were hoping someone knows why the ACLU is so freakin stupid.
  4. so how do you think the ACLU twists things around enough in thier minds to support the idea that these women are victims of the law?
  5. my point is that these women put thier children in foster care with their actions and they truly think the courts, society, etc should now feel bad for them cause they arent in thier kids day to day lives and when released they cant get state assistance. huh? come again? where do people get off? and the worst part to me is that these same women exposed thier kids to life threatening situations everyday and wanna act the victim now. grrrrrrrrrrrrr
  6. http://www.aclu.org/DrugPolicy/DrugPolicyMain.cfm ill admit it, i LOATHE the ACLU. there are no words for how much. this suggests that we should abolish minimum sentencing laws for women who violate the law by using drugs, selling drugs, manufactoring drugs based on the fact that they have children. are they for real? none of these women, not one, were thinking about thier kids when they were out partying and getting high and commiting crime. they only start boo hooing over thier children when they are in jail and have a sudden change of heart. about the same time they all find God. http://www.fairlaws4families.org/stories/ this is both sad and infuriating at the same time. these kids are heartbroken and thier mothers are trying to use that heartbreak to get a break legally. half these women are using during pregnancy, have thier toddlers running around a living room coffee table with an ounce of coke on it and when they get busted they want to use thier kids to get off? having given birth should not exclude you from the laws of the land. do the crime, do the time. period.
  7. not how it works here, that clerk in that store or the waiter at olive garden can be held liable for that accident in a civil and sometimes criminal suit. or cause his business to loose their liquor license or worse.
  8. ewww, i know, smells like dog food cooking. gross. i used to live with a guy who ate that crap constantly. the smell just lingered in the house, burned a zillion vanilla candles trying to get rid of it, yet it remained..... maybe we should try spam at gitmo..... im glad it all worked out.
  9. hey, now you can say spam saved my marriage.
  10. i am personally happy to be ID'd. please do. nothing quite as wonderful as knowing someone is not quite sure you might be 21 and old enough to buy alcohol. card me for a pack of cigarettes and ill fly on that high a good two weeks.
  11. im sorry, that sucks. nothing worse than having what should have been a great night turn into a nightmare. good luck, hope things look better in the morning.
  12. 35??? bummer, sorry your night got ruined. nothing like a missing id and a wine list to get that done. where did you have the charcoal that it got wet?
  13. im gonna agree that you should NOT give up your savings amd. use it for good, to promote good, but not flat give it away. i dont know how to live life the way you stated. the closest thing that i can relate to is that im committed to doing as president bush asked and giving of myself to my country for two years throughout my lifetime via the US Freedom Corps. your heart is in the right place. dont resist that. just be smart about it.
  14. sounds like too much work. i waste, print one side and toss.
  15. i dont do it either although im sure there is a facility somewhere in town to take the stuff or have curbside pickup. i just dont do all that enviroment stuff. not my cup of tea.
  16. tis all good. next time i know.
  17. i wasnt judging you brandon, sorry if it sounded that way. i never meant it that way was just trying to be funny and mess with you a bit, im sorry, honestly. the confessional is a safe place
  18. oh how could you. there are no fuddruckers here and its soooooo good. was it fun building your burger? sigh. i miss home.
  19. your forgiven. and about those impure thoughts......
  20. nope, the cook did. that delicious yummy cake came from lonestar. this is backfiring on me, isnt anyone else guilty of something?
  21. bill, you always make me laugh, thanks and im 32, and doritos sound good.
  22. bill, your young and allowed to eat like that. ive long ago been quit eating what i want. enjoy it. it ends someday. aeroman, cause i procrastinate and make a lot of work for myself that could be avoided and then get all stressed and worried and upset trying to get it all done last minute. certainly you have a confession right aero.....
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