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  1. speaking of the BBC, absolutly fabulous, is absolutly fabulous.
  2. all in the family. love archie bunker.
  3. i of course was kidding thunder and neo. well about everything but buffalo football. sigh.
  4. get some poison pellets, put in hole, fill with dirt, problem solved.
  5. i used to be pretty neutral on colorado, except buffalo football and then there was that whole rape thing. now i find them generally worthless. edit-- oh and dont forget the rockies. baseball, not the mountains.
  6. see, now doesnt that explain away any of the useless idiotic remarks anyone from colorado might say? we should hug them, they arent sure what they are doing.
  7. hes from colorado thunder, they cant stop themselves. think buffalo football.
  8. it doesnt, they were being funny. seriously though, shes a sexual predator. lock her sick up.
  9. shes cute enough. the girls will love her. justice well served.
  10. http://www.newsday.com/news/nationworld/na...lnews-headlines insanity? she should not go to prison cause she is attractive? good lord. discuss.....
  11. you should see about getting the left overs taken down to the homeless shelter. we do that at church when we have big dinners, whatevers left over goes to the city mission. (see, im compassionate damn it)
  12. i dont know, food bothers me. i hate it how it seems no one can do anything without involving food. cant just go to a movie, its got to be dinner and a movie. cant just go hang with friends, its always "bring a dish". ugh. grosses me out really. im a weird eater. i pick at food. i love the taste and eating it is ok too, just probably have too many "ideas" about it. i only eat carbs at lunch, otherwise no carbs, no saturated fat. i eat a salad, small one, before i eat anything else, i eat rice once a day. about once a month ill eat ice cream or have cake or something but otherwise i dont. im weird i guess. every function, every meeting, food. i think its kinda gluttonous really. kind of disgusting that we all eat as much as we do cause we certainly dont need all that stuff. americans eat too much.
  13. and just as soon as i can learn that lesson ill be just fine. im a vicious mean drunk. as long as i dont drink i dont get into physical confrontations.
  14. oh i agree neo, they can have money, credit cards, the car, the tv, whatever. just not me or the kiddo.
  15. agreed completely. rioting is a bit of a problem with me, but i cant say there is not cause in some cases. ive also noticed that not one person has said no, there is never a good cause for physical fighting interesting
  16. and i am as vehement as they come. but im working on that.
  17. bill, you crack me up. ive never been in a fight in a bar. im sure they happen, just never witnessed it myself. it was always the parking lot.
  18. what about alcohol? anyone ever gotten themselves into a physical fight feeling a bit bullet proof? did anyone fight a lot in high school? what about those fight club thingys? we had one in lincoln, of course the cops shut it down, but are those ok? i guess what im trying to determine is how many people would easily "go there" are there any benefits to fighting?
  19. defending them against what? physical harm? someone talking smack?
  20. for physical fighting? what, if anything, would drive you to a physical confrontation excluding self defense? i think everyone would defend themselves physically, but what about the rest of it?
  21. i say comp it too. and when it wasnt done you should have said something. if they didnt comp your food you should have been offered free desert or a discount.
  22. i was disappointed in the delay. kinda creppy that they found these problems so close to lift off. i hope they get the problems tackled too, looking forward to our return to space after two years on the ground.
  23. decriminalizing drugs wont ever solve the problem. kids in those homes will just legally live in hell unsafely. what needs to happen is stiffer penalties for these crimes.
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