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  1. chicken. you would adjust after three or four years.
  2. you want a job as a chef that involves relocation?
  3. oh i dont have that kind of patience and i cant follow a recipie. i try to cut corners and substitute. im supposed to cook again tonight and i have no clue what im gonna make. to me meal preperation is calling outback and going to get it and putting it on my own plates. but i bet homemade bagels are yummy. i wish now when i was little and my grandma wanted to teach me how to cook i would have been interested instead of fixing my hair in the stove reflection. same thing happened the year i played softball. ball came right to me and i had the glove off fixing a barette and looking for four leaf clovers. have you ever made anything that was a total disaster?
  4. you make homemade bagels? think i could do that? andrew, josh or haylee would never eat anything i cooked that i was trying to pass off as a dessert. they have both learned the hard way.
  5. and thats what happens to, ya'll start thinking you can do it better! more power to ya.
  6. i dont think my cooking / domestic victory is gonna last long. i just screwed up two packages of instant oatmeal. its a gum consistancy, you have to chew it. a lot.
  7. never thought of that. ill go back to burning things at once.
  8. oh they ate. just not my cooking. we eat out.... a lot. ive recently decided im ashamed of that. so now ive got that eating out business down to three nights a week, but usually josh cooks, but it was determined i should "at least try" and i tried sunday and we went to lonestar for dinner. this is my first victory.
  9. expected? certainly you dont mean like cooking everynight do you?
  10. no people actually dead, but a few very sick. i do have a suspicion a few years back i may have killed a dog though. i like this, feeling all domestic and homeish. :beer:
  11. i cooked an entire dinner by myself and it was edible! victory is mine! i made pasta stuffed with ricotta cheese and marinara sauce, green beans, garlic bread and salads. and everyone ate it without funny faces or saying "im just not that hungry" im all domestic now!!!! awesome huh?
  12. ditto. the best ever, but not surprising considering where he got started! HOOK EM HORNS!
  13. well i took it to mean illegal and if that was wrong then oops.
  14. oh dont start with me. humph. immigrants. i realize that. got no trouble with that. he said aliens. i took that to mean illegal. i would be fine and dandy if the united states never had another illegal alien inside its borders.
  15. well he is dead wrong. i still say shut the borders like a safe. no self respecting employer should participate in this kind of thing. pay AMERICAN workers what they are worth or consider another business. no more aliens in this country would suit me just fine. so as a member of "bush's crowd" i could not disagree with him more on this one.
  16. just make her a part of it, and try to find something pleasing to the eye, sounds like thats half her issue. and go clean the drive way, show her your greatfulness for being supportive toward your car ventures.
  17. sounds logical to me thunder. convince her, go find what you want and include her in it, show it to her, if you want it or not ask for her opinion and promise you wont tear it up unless something is really broken.
  18. way tougher penalties, no plea agreement for DWI offenders, lower the legal limit from .08 to about .03 and education. it is the most preventable death out there. costs our country a small fortune every year, and the real victims of this tragedy are the families left behind.
  19. the single most preventable tragedy ever. drunk driving deaths never have to happen. i hope her death is not in vain, i hope it saves the life of even one person in your community when they remember the loss of a friend before driving drunk. my heart goes out to her family.
  20. very creative, excellent work.
  21. you have to venture out bruce, they are all delicious, the root beer and buttered popcorn are the best! try em. you won mike and ikes hftmrock? how cool! thanks for sharing the link.
  22. arent they like the best ever? do you only like the traditional? have you tried buttered popcorn? heavenly.
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