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    did ya quit drinking or something hurdy? if ya did thats great, if not thats cool too, just curious.
  2. i agree. just take out the brocoli next time.
  3. nah, its awesome, my very favorite place to eat in all of lincoln. i dont get to go too often cause about two years ago i convinced my daughter to try alligator without telling her what it was. my roommate at the time told her as she was chewing her third piece and now she thinks thats all they serve. located in the fabulous haymarket hftmrock, im highly impressed. looks delicious. sure your not interested in relocating? tonight we ate at a friends house. fried chicken. was amazing.
  4. well hell yes. magic coffee! i want two cups. i have a high tolerance...... wait, did you get the "beans" from hammer?
  5. ok, as long as your sure. isnt there a noise ordinance regarding barking dogs in new york?
  6. whats with the fancy cup? are you totally sure thats not tea?
  7. well happy birthday from the er doc! LOL! glad its nothing serious. sleep and then try to make up for the rotten morning later.
  8. ok going for my coffee. finally.
  9. when we moved into the new house in feburary i was ashamed at the amount of clothes we had. funny how that happens when your the one lugging it out to the car and dropping stuff off hangers in the melting snow huh? i have a serious shopping problem. im totally powerless over it and my shopping has become unmanagable. now the rule is if we have not worn it in six months it goes. uh huh. thats the rule. now if only i could enforce it.
  10. ooohhh bummer. did you make sure he heard the swearing?
  11. well in a perfect world people would pick up after themselves. yeah right. weekends here too for bigger projects, move furniture, baseboards, clean the hardwood floors, stuff like that. i have a stack of things for haylee to try on to see if they still fit and ill be cleaning out her closet and all her drawers since school starts in 17 days. one thing she doesnt need is more clothes.
  12. ditto. i hate anything out of place in a house. i cant live in a dirty or disorganized house, ill go insane. i have to clean it before i can go to bed at night, just drives me nuts if there is stuff on the floor or dishes in the sink and stuff like that.
  13. LOL! no. i just cant stand a car thats dirty even a little bit and i noticed some dust on the dash and dirt on the floor. also last week i left a soda in there overnight in one of those paper take out cups and the bottom leaked in the cup holder. its ok, ill take it over to huker wash and pay the $13.00 and they wash it and clean the interior and ill sit in the air conditioning.
  14. whew, good. was starting to feel lazy. im hoping when i do go out there that the car has magically cleaned itself overnight.
  15. am i the only lazy bum that drives two blocks to get it thru a drive thru?
  16. german coffee is good? who knew they had good coffee there.
  17. they are. the corn doesnt look so scortched this year. last year was heartbreaking to see it dying in the field. got anything planted yourself joe? sounds yummy juliet. im trying to get the motivation to go out in my pj's to get a double carmel latte. and ive managed since last night at around 8 to smoke a pack of cigarettes. gross. no one will get up at my house. humph.
  18. figured since so many posts are getting off topic before feathers get ruffled we could have this random thread where everyone can venture off into left field all they want. grab coffee, sit down, visit. discuss.
  19. oh no. that sucks. i hope its not broken or something and that they give you something to take care of it.
  20. no way. hate that place. if id have had my way it would have been buzzard billys.
  21. ike! its pabsts!!! LMAO! thats soooo cool!
  22. Happy Birthday Hammer! 36!!! one of the coolest, funniest and greatest people I have ever known. :beer: i hope your day is totally perfect.
  23. not really. but i sure can sign a credit card slip. :beer:
  24. well im trying brandon. i have no interest in it so i am a bit resistant. i won again tonight though. tonights dinner it was good.
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