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  1. Happy birthday when it comes Angela :) .... been anywhere nice this year?.... Listening to The Smiths at the moment B) , what you listening to?.... the end :lol:

    hey my birthday four months early! right on!


    nope, the furthest ive been this year is des moines. :P


    looovvvveee the smiths, what song? B)

  2. Interesting people have left the pit. :(

    yep. either gone all together or posting only to random topics with no substanance. people should always take having thier miranda rights read to them seriously and when anything you say can and will be used against you based on intrerpretation you have to weigh each word very carefully for political correctness and even the slightest distaste of a sting or excessive sarcasm. thats a lot of work. most people dont want banned.


    so in the end your left with nothing to say. the risks outweigh the benefits of your opinion, and your left with happy birthday and have a nice vacation and im listening to tool.

  3. An interesting exercise would be to go and read the information for everything one takes right now.

    yep cause a good majority if not all of them will warn that in rare cases this medication may cause death. every single med im currently on mentions death and some other really horrific side effects as a possibility. kidney failure, heart failure, bone loss, hallucinations, and on and on and on and on and on.


    and my pharmacy, walgreens, asks me every single time if i have any questions for the pharmacist. before i pay. and as a patient it is my job to ask the doctors questions i may have about the medicine.

  4. $254 million is an enourmous amount of money and i for one could not place a dollar value on the loss of my loved ones. it will bankrupt a good company. merck makes singulair, which gives asthma patients the ability to breathe, crixivan which prolongs the lives of AIDS patients, emend which makes helps make chemotherapy more tolerable, and on and on and on.


    and vioxx, for me, gave me my legs back for 14 months, reduced the incredible pain from the arthritis and helped curb the pain. im sorry people died but taking a good company to the cleaners is not the answer either.

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