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  1. welcome back moon. glad your holiday was safe and exciting.
  2. i could debate that for a bit
  3. hey rev. have a safe trip and enjoy your trip.
  4. Angela


    im really glad to hear your day is better. :beer: thanks for letting me know, ive never been much of a trendsetter and i certainly am no good at knowing when to stop
  5. ike your too cool for this world.
  6. Angela


    day going better today hurdy? just noticed you were online, thought id ask. disclaimer: this thread was posted sincerely and without any alterior motives.
  7. Angela


    well im glad. im sorry if someone was nasty to you hurdy. screw em. you dont need them. :beer: disclaimer: this post has been generated with no political agenda behind it.
  8. Angela


    ok well, i think you need a beer, or a really stiff drink.
  9. Angela


    is this is alphabetical order? i like being first.
  10. Angela


    i thought it probably was, just an off night then?
  11. Angela


    did ya quit drinking or something hurdy? if ya did thats great, if not thats cool too, just curious.
  12. i agree. just take out the brocoli next time.
  13. nah, its awesome, my very favorite place to eat in all of lincoln. i dont get to go too often cause about two years ago i convinced my daughter to try alligator without telling her what it was. my roommate at the time told her as she was chewing her third piece and now she thinks thats all they serve. located in the fabulous haymarket hftmrock, im highly impressed. looks delicious. sure your not interested in relocating? tonight we ate at a friends house. fried chicken. was amazing.
  14. well hell yes. magic coffee! i want two cups. i have a high tolerance...... wait, did you get the "beans" from hammer?
  15. ok, as long as your sure. isnt there a noise ordinance regarding barking dogs in new york?
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