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  1. love that line in that song. rejection.......... that was the word right? ok revenge.
  2. i dont know if its a good move or not. not my place to judge what they do and if i had such great ideas dave and rob would be banging down my door asking me to be a moderator. they arent. everyone has a different idea of who the troublemakers are and what constitutes a troublemaker. i love it that we as members are debating who and what and how to allow access to GD, what topics should be allowed or accepted and how many hoops members should have to jump through to be allowed posting privladges. i assume this happens cause we all think we have the cornerstone on rightousness or some
  3. nah, santas got that damned list and im always on the wrong one. plus we could put a santa hat on neo. problem solved.
  4. amen. like a slow moving tornado.
  5. i could not be more sad at that news CM.
  6. and thats your choice. volt
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