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  1. love that line in that song. rejection.......... that was the word right? ok revenge.
  2. i dont know if its a good move or not. not my place to judge what they do and if i had such great ideas dave and rob would be banging down my door asking me to be a moderator. they arent. everyone has a different idea of who the troublemakers are and what constitutes a troublemaker. i love it that we as members are debating who and what and how to allow access to GD, what topics should be allowed or accepted and how many hoops members should have to jump through to be allowed posting privladges. i assume this happens cause we all think we have the cornerstone on rightousness or something. is everybodys back yard that picked up? i dont see that. ive caused a fair share of trouble and im gonna be big enough to admit that. i note this thread is absent of people accepting responsibilities for their actions. absent of a lot of the "hot topic" regulars and absent of people who like to fly just below the rules. well i think thats pretty pathetic. ive skirted the word filter, ive been insulting, condesending, rude and aggressive. ive attacked and baited and singled people out. ive been hurtful and mean and a bully. and ive had all of those emotions returned to me as well. im not much help with computer problems and while that is what got me here some three years ago, GD played a big part in keeping me here. i dont really care what anyone thinks about me beyond what the moderators and admins think. im upset and ashamed that i lost my temper to the point i did yesterday and im upset that dave, radio, volt, jazzy, rob, and the rest of the staff are disappointed in my actions. im not going to try to offer up any excuses for why or what or who cause im only responsible for moderating myself and i more than know the posted rules of engagement. so whatever prompted that or whatever personal problems or the week ive had or how sick i am of this and that does not excuse, validate or take away the outburst and why waste thier time trying to smooth it over. sadly what i see happening is GD opening again and a host of soap boxes being stood on with everyones grievences being spilled over the loud speakers. a bunch of so and so did this to me, but wheres the answer to this and that, and more under the table innuendos and insults. id hope if that does happen its ended incredibly quickly and if i cant follow the rules i hope they ban me too. i hope it is a take no prisoners, zero tolerance, heads are gonna roll until every last one of the site troublemakers are weeded out. it will be a good show of who cares enough to follow the rules and put thier personal issues to rest once and for all.
  3. nah, santas got that damned list and im always on the wrong one. plus we could put a santa hat on neo. problem solved.
  4. amen. like a slow moving tornado.
  5. cypress hill- "how i could just kill a man"
  6. finally we agree..... rage is awesome. i think "killing in the name" was their best. but i love "roll right" and "bulls on parade" too. best live show ive ever seen, it was so loud it hurt. tool- "opiate"
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