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  1. bruce, dont you think that those games, for all the atheletes from all countries, should have the finest security every involved country has to offer? otherwise why are we sending our atheletes to them? it just rubbed me wrong and i dont think common sense was at the heart of the issue, it feels a lot like we should be "ashamed" or something and to me thats crap. complete crap. we are americans, heads held high, no shame here. angela
  2. I was just gonna give you a hard time, you did not have to remove anything. i only bite on wednesdays and fridays. one of a kind huh? ahhhhhh, thanks angela
  3. maybe so, but the ones they do had better feel free to flaunt our flag and endzone dance all damn day long. screw whoever does not like it. angela
  4. disgusting article maybe the united states could take a lesson in having some balls from the uk. i am going to fire off a nice email to Bill Martin, the president of the United States Olympic Committee. no american olympic athelete should ever be ashamed or asked to curb the wearing of the flag. angela
  5. indeed. while i applaud and celebrate the Brown anniversary and look way down on the Mass. ruling, you hit the core of it all Bruce. God Bless America. angela
  6. why thank you linda, and you could not be more right, if i want in hammer..... ill get in. oh and ill pay for info about who is Holy Empire of Brandon_v . I must know, he/she owes me an explanation. angela
  7. Holy Empire of Brandon_v. who is this? come talk to me...... angela
  8. Ill second that motion. all in favor? angela
  9. the elephants are off limits, but ill give you a nice jacka$$ angela
  10. ahhhh, now there is a nation I can befriend. hammer! angela
  11. just keep telling yourself that one 2.... ive got one finger on the button at all times. Ill move.... angela
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