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  1. Thanks for clearing that up for me Bear! I totally mis-read the original post as someone just wanting to be provocative and have a whinge about anyone who disagreed with any point of view he happened to support. All is now crystal clear now though.
  2. I may not be the brightest of people, and I don't pretend to understand American psychology, so please help me out. What is the purpose of this thread? I've read it a few times, and I still don't understand. Is it some form of cyber-therapy for the thread originator? I would have thought that if a person decides to rise to any argument bait, then that is their choice. Or am I still missing something?
  3. The problem in relationships is always communication. Too much communication. (my thanks to Homer J Simpson for that gem of wisdom)
  4. A human being, under the right conditions, is capable of doing things that would make you shudder. The human condition dictates that we have the potential to achieve wonders, or plumb the depths of depravity. Regrettably, depravity makes for better press.
  5. This bit of software is nothing but trouble! It comes packaged with all sorts of irritating things, in particular the .lop file which will cause havoc with IE toolbars and your desktop! It's a real bugger to get shot of as well!
  6. I must be the exception to the rule! Apart from taking up some additional space on the hard drive, I have had no issues at all. The download was a breeze, and I have not suffered in terms of responsiveness or speed of operation at all. Everything still works a treat, and although I have heard some real horror stories, I reckoned it was about time the other side of the coin got an airing.
  7. That new tool is a beast! AOL users beware though as it unceremoniously ripped the still beating heart out of my version 9 and killed it! After a speedy reload all is well, but have a care people, and read what it reports before you zap anything.
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