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    XP Pro SP2 Asus A7N8X-X Athlon XP 3000+ 400fsb 1536 meg 3200 DDR RAM PNY 6600 Samsung SyncMaster 1100p 21 inch CRT LG CDRW/DVD ROM Combo LG CDRW/DVD R/W Combo 160GB Western Digital 7200rpm (8Mb cache) 80GB Western Digital 7200rpm (8MB cache) External Iomega Zip 100 Packard Bell Diamond 1200Plus scanner Kodak CX4200 Camera/mount Epson C42 USB Printer AOL 9 Gold Broadband
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  1. Pretty much the in same way you would cook representatives of any other political party I suppose. Now that's good eatin'!
  2. Well said Taffy! You tell him my ovine molesting brother Celt!
  3. Good reply! I hope things have moved on. By '85 I'd earned my living wearing body armour for years before moving to Worksop, so I have a rough idea what it's like being in dangerous places. Anyhoo, you've got a job that I know all too well that I couldn't do, so here's to you plod! And good hunting!
  4. Now that is more like a response from a policeman! I watched with interest the activities of the Met in Worksop in 1985, so I know what you people are capable of, and you lot know all about striking first. No pun intended. As a serving plod, you should know what your limitations are and abide within them. Do your job, grow up, and stop complaining. Have a nice day!
  5. UK police offering advice on self defence? Thanks for a real laugh! Which bit of Britain are you looking after? Try that in Aldershot or Colchester and someone will be surgically removing your boots from your backside! The bottom line is this: If you honestly believe that you are going to be attacked, take the unitive and get your retaliating in first. Sitting around for someone to hurt you is just silly. As the good book says: 'Do unto others before they do it unto you'.
  6. Simply outstanding! Congratulations on a top-notch bit of work.
  7. Cheers old horse! I shall attempt anther go in the AM.
  8. I am trying to replace my Athlon 2700+ 333fsb CPU with a 3000+ 400fsb on an Asus A7N8X-X mainboard. The board has 3x512 3200 memory, adequate cooling, adequate power through a 450 PSU, and the O/S is XP Pro with SP2. However, the system will not let me past the boot up screen before re-booting and then sticking in a boot up loop. The bios correctly recognises the new CPU, and all seem s to be well there, so what is my problem here? Any assist gratefully welcomed! :help:
  9. Early? It will be Saturday here in 90 minutes!
  10. Just imagine the statistics if the questions had been asked of people aged 40 years plus! Now that would have been scary!
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