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  1. That post disproves the theory that you Spams don't understand irony or satire Rhizome! A few more like you in world politics and we will all sleep safer. Like all good satire, it revolves around some scary reality, and the common prayer should be: 'May (enter deity or icon of choice) protect us from stupid people with weapons'
  2. Are you going over there to fight then? You seem hellish keen to start another war if someone else is doing the killing and the dying, but I wonder how gung-ho you would be in the face of someone filled with equal fervour was determined to kill you as you invaded their country. The USA has no right to dictate what the world does, politically, economically, or militarily. In fact I recall the colonies, as they were once called, getting really off being dictated to, and being willing to risk everything for freedom. Please note that those who refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it, and maybe we will all live a little longer.
  3. Generally speaking, on one hand this place is a treasure trove of IT info and help. However, on the other, it provides a valuable service by keeping quite a few un-hinged people in front of their computers and off the streets of out various countries where they would probably get arrested. Admin, mods, and the myriad of assorted other well meaning bods, all do a great job of work here!
  4. The spy-ware protection from AOL is garbage. It eats resources and does nothing in return. I am an AOL customer, and I have disabled it without problems. Incidentally, the new version is being beta tested at the moment, and that is garbage too. As a beta tester, I've binned that one too.
  5. It could well be a result of conflict between the anti-virus programmes. Who is this 'The Gary' and why does he need 'upping'?
  6. Having fought off the need to go out and hug a tree, I volunteer the following advice. If you believe in it, then fight for it. If you disagree with it, then fight against it. You need to decide what you buy into, and as it seems that you have already made your choice, just get on with it. Millions have died so you can have the choice, so don't dishonour them by being weak and allowing others to make the decision for you. I may not agree with your choice, but I will fight to the death for you to have the right to choose. Now get on with it and stop whining. Have a nice day.
  7. So the US should re-start a policy that has failed to work for every other country in the world throughout history? Internalisation will always fail because no one country has all the resources it needs to survive. Good plan. Getting back on track though, I've just watched the second programme on the history of the Auschwitz and Birkenau camps and how they came into being. Irrespective of it's peaceful origins, I now recall vividly what the swastika means, and all it now stands for. It's enough to make you weep.
  8. As my suname is Penfold, I have had to live with 'Dangermouse' since the early 1980's.
  9. I don’t know what it’s like out in the colonies, so I cannot comment, but here in the UK the whole concept of democracy is sliding down the pan, and we reside under an increasingly less benign dictatorship. We are told what to be afraid of, what to eat and drink, how we should feel about things if we are to consider ourselves patriotic, and worryingly, what will happen to us if we disagree! We are told not to be concerned about ‘the bigger picture’ as the government will look after things for us, and because of financial constraints, we are actively encouraged to spy on one another and report any activity that may not be in the interests of the community so that these people can be punished. In fact, there are financial rewards for people who report any undesirable activity of their neighbour. Again, because of the same financial constraints, we cannot have any additional trained Police personnel, but we can have thousands of ‘community wardens’ patrolling our streets. The bitter irony of this is that the government was voted in on the Labour/Socialist ticket to set us all free from fear, capitalist sleaze, and political oppression! Perhaps concern about other countries is misplaced, and we should concentrate on our own problems in the west, but it seems that Russia has more to teach the UK rather than us teaching them!
  10. Some interesting insights into Transactional Analysis and basic human nature becoming increasingly adapted to accept the will of the masses. However, this insistence that democracy and freedom are the only acceptable measure of progress is flawed. If democracy is such a successful and popular ideology, why does it usually need military intervention by a third party to enforce it? In the 'good old bad old' days of the CCCP, every one banged on about how much good democracy would do the individual states. Then they got it, and a great many of these states immediately began slaughtering one another and blaming mother Russia for abandoning them, and some even wanted a return of communism or the reintroduction of a Tzar! My thinking is that although I respect the thoughts behind all who have posted here, there appears to be a an unhealthy over estimation in any inherent 'goodness' that makes human beings tick.
  11. Thanks for the heads up! What is considered 'entertainment' today is sadly lacking, and I am pleased that my now grown up children were never exposed to this kind of thing. In those good old days, all they had to contend with was 'Animal House' and 'The Life of Brian'. Halcyon days indeed.
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