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  1. Well, I was thinking this was no big deal until I saw the above from bikes_r_me4. I don't have these bogus user accounts on my PC, perhaps because Norton is blocking this process. I'd love to hear someone from PC Matic weigh in on this, or a report back if/when bikes_r_me4 gets a response from tech support.
  2. Just received a Norton Security "high severity" warning that an intrusion attempt by was blocked with the IPS Alert name "Web Attack" Malicious File Download 14." It says the attacker URL was files.pcpitstop.com/cab/ntrights.exe. Is this something legit that Norton is flagging by mistake? I sure hope so! Kara
  3. I leave my laptop running 24/7. Twice in the past week, I've come into my office to find it stuck in its startup routine, what appears to be trying to boot from "Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller." It's asking me to insert a disk or other boot media and press any key. I don't have any such thing, and when I restart, my only resolution to get a complete startup is to do a System Restore. This morning, I realized that this boot error event seems to occur just after a PC Matic scan. In the Drivers Test results, I see where this Realtek network adapter was scanned, but it shows a green light next to it and says 0 drivers were out of date. I have PC Matic Auto Fix and Auto Reboot set to off, so I don't even know why the machine would restart on its own and arrive at this screen. Any ideas what could be causing this error? The only other change made to my system was adding a new Logitech Wave wireless keyboard, but that worked fine after plugging in the little receiver, and I didn't even get to install the full software package for it. I've since stopped using it, but this Realtek problem persists. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Kara
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