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  1. Thanks again, Y, but no dice! I also tried the System Restore, but it doesn't go back far enough to make any difference. I'll keep looking for some answers; there has to be a solution to this annoying problem. Thanks again! pman59
  2. Thanks for your reply, Y kawika, but, unfortunately, I've already attempted that effort, and it didn't work. I'm wondering if I should try a system restore; does anyone think that that would solve the problem?? Again, thanks a bunch for your help! pman59
  3. Help! My Windows folders and desktop used to display my mp4 and wmv videos icons as thumbnails with a photo of the individual videos, which made it easy to identify the video, especially if it was without a caption. Now, for some reason, all my mp4 and wmv vids thumbnails are displayed with only the generic mp4 or wmv icons, which makes it difficult to id the video. Don't know how this happened. I haven't installed any new software or hardware. I'm using Windows 7. Thanks for your assistance!! pman59
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