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    1. Compaq laptop ... WinXP SP3 (will fill in later) 2. Dell laptop ... Vista (will fill in later)
  1. I'd just like to state I have the exact same problem, but it appears to come up during the vulnerability / malware parts of the scan and again during the same parts of the fix. Jut an FYI, since it might be possible that this is caused by some kind of virus / rootkit / etc.
  2. Well, it turns out my wife gave up, even though she knew this was an option.... She formatted the hard drive, and bought / installed Windows 8. So I don't think we'll be running those tests. Thanks for your offer to help.
  3. Thanks! We're reinstalling the OS right now ... didn't format the hard drive, and she's having all kinds of problems. We've got a lot going on so might be a day or two before we can post this stuff.
  4. I did a search first, but found no existing thread on this infection - if it does match an existing thread, please forgive my mistake. So ... my wife's PC has been hijacked - we spent many hours yesterday trying to fix it ourselves. The reason for my post is to say the name of the bogus Antivirus program is "System Care Antivirus," and to ask two questions. Question 1: Are the available solutions out there legitimate? There is very little information available on the Internet about this particular infection. All we could find is sites from people with Russian sounding names tellin
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