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  1. So sorry to hear this...IG was a fine gentleman. He will be missed
  2. OSMC is nice....very nice!
  3. hey thanks Tx! running very nicely here...my first taste of lollipop! i will give it a good run tomorrow as its getting late here. thanks for the suggestion, seems to be a pretty nice rom
  4. yes, enjoying it very much! finally arrived yesterday afternoon, had it rooted by evening really fast, really smooth, big bright screen (seemed huge at first, but actually pretty easy to handle), great touch response, camera seems so-so but nothing to complain about. not crazy about placement of volume buttons, but i'll adjust..so far, i am very impressed. just made a backup and am searching xda forums now for the right custom rom to install at 350 for this 64gb version...its a lot of phone for the $$$
  5. Ordered a OnePlus One yesterday! Sounds like a fun device, I'll report back after I play around with it a bit. Hope to have it in a few days!
  6. Hey nigsy! how are you liking that Z2? i've had the Xperia ZL for about 9 months now and i love this phone! rooted/unlocked the bootloader on mine within days of owning it. been running the carbon rom on here mostly (great rom btw), but i do like the default Xperia look and find myself going back to it occasionally. i have one of those 128gb micro sd cards in it. plenty of room for my 80+gigs of music and a lot of rom backups! bought mine unlocked from newegg for around $450 back in december, and use it on our family plan from at&t. it is an unlimited text/calls plan with 1
  7. any food that comes in a box will be high in sodium. any food that comes in a can will be high in sodium. even breads and cereals are high in sodium. fresh fruits and veggies are not.
  8. Watch the diet...avoid sodium at all cost. Nearly impossible to do, but imperative with chf
  9. the above is my phone, at home using my at&t 4g connection. here is my phone at home using wifi:
  10. From my phone: http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/a/793212848
  11. praying for a speedy recovery cb. hope to see you back to full strength soon.
  12. no....it will not work fine on a 10 year old system. if it works at all, it will not be a pleasurable experience. forget about the full-blown Ubuntu, Kubuntu, OpenSuse distros...as i said previously: find a suitable "lighter" distro such as Lubuntu for that old rig. advising someone who is in their "first time utilizing Linux" to go in and hack the driver/kernel....is just not good advice at all. besides, the nvidia drivers have since been patched to work with the 3.13 kernels so that "hack" is not even necessary anymore. edit: didn't mean for that to sound insulting terry...h
  13. sorry, that is a pretty old system with an outdated video card which is no longer supported. you would be better off using a "lighter" version of linux....perhaps Lubuntu? i have used that on a few older systems and it works very well. Linux Mint may also work well on there. i agree with Kurt....don't throw in the towel quite yet. there are alternative distros that will work well for you!
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