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  1. My results when my adapter suddenly disappears....as in it's not just disabled, it's not even listed under adapters. http://www.pcpitstop.com/betapit/sec.asp?conid=25306300&report=Summary
  2. Here are my pit test results: http://www.pcpitstop.com/betapit/sec.asp?conid=25306300&report=Summary I manage the wireless connections through Windows.....I didn't know there was an Asus utility for that. Of course, lucky me, my wireless is working at the moment, but I'm sure that will change...when it goes off, I'll run the test again (with a wired connection) and see if it's any different. Also, my anti-virus says I'm totally clean. As for what's happening with the adapter.....it actually gets disabled, not just disconnected, and when I try to re-enable it, I just get a little blue circle that spins forever. Also, sometimes it goes beyond just getting disabled, to disappearing. My computer tells me the hardware literally isn't there. Sometimes everything comes back when I restart it, but that is becoming increasingly rare. As for the battery, I know it's not surprising its life is getting short, but shouldn't it still give a warning before it shuts down? Also, before recently, it would still go through the normal shutdown routine when the battery was about to give out. Now, its literally like someone unplugging a TV. Instantly off. Is that normal? (If it is, I swear I'll stop worrying about it lol)
  3. Computer Specs: Asus U56e laptop, Windows 7, Intel Centrino Wireless N 1030 adapter, ESET NOD32 antivirus, less than 2 years old I've been having a ridiculous amount of issues with my wireless adapter, and I was wondering what my options are.... All of my problems started about 6 months ago when I dropped my laptop (*cries*). A week later the hard drive went out. I got it replaced. A couple of weeks after that, my wireless adapter started getting disabled randomly, or not appearing at all. Eventually, it NEVER worked. I took it to Geek Squad and they said that nothing was wrong with my adapter but, yay! they had removed a "malicious program" (it was a plug-in I installed that redirected the homepage. That's what it was supposed to do. IT WAS NOT "MALICIOUS") I got it back, and it still didn't work. I basically took it back and just told them to replace the wireless card anyway, even if it was supposedly fine. When I got it back that time, everything worked fine......for a few months. Recently, all my old problems with the wireless adapter are back. It gets randomly disabled, can't/won't enable, and just isn't listed under adapters at all. I've tried everything I can think of, including re-installing the drivers. I'm kind of assuming the problem is somewhere in the hardware, maybe just not the wireless card itself. Also, about the time my wireless problems appeared, I started having problems with my battery. I know battery lives typically shorten, but the battery level isn't being correctly communicated to the computer, causing it to shut off without warning when there is still supposedly 50% left, and it shuts down without even being able to save state. I don't know if this could possibly be related to my wireless problems, but if some hardware or connection is bad somewhere, maybe the two different problems could both be caused by the same thing? My computer isn't even 2 years old, so I really don't want replace it, but if I take it to Best Buy, they'll just say everything's fine again. Is there anyway to pinpoint the problem so I know exactly what needs to be fixed?
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