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  1. I think reformatting the system will be the way to go. I just noticed my anti-virus disappeared and was deinstalled. seems to me it is pretty aggresive against other programs Luckily i dont use credit card and banking doens't work with passwords, that saves alot of trouble. I've slowly began to change the passwords for the most important sites i have I'll first need to rescue some important files, but i can reformat the system myself. That isnt a problem for me. Any idea where this virus comes from? to prevent it in the future?
  2. Hello there i've seen some resembling issues pass here, so i decided to give it a go Since yesterday i have been experiencing this wininet.dll error. Program cant be started, because wininet.dll is missing At startup i have this for MOM.exe, CCC.exe and when i startup wow64.exe myself Generally i have been expercieing my pc as extremely slow at some moments and programs, but not for everything I havent yet updated my ati driver to beta, i am still runnign on 13.1. I have run malware bytes, and it founded one more infection accompying log: Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 1
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