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  1. Yes it was. The other RAM Card still works fine. I replaced the Card under the Keyboard with a spare 1GB Card I had and then everything worked perfectly
  2. After replacing the bad RAM Card everything is now booting up fine. Thanks for your help
  3. No It didn't I was just listening to music on VLC media player and working on some files with RPG Maker VX ACE. After I removed the bottom RAM Card from the laptop there was a slight change when trying to Boot my normal Drive. At first it was only getting to the screen where you choose to Launch Startup Repair or Start Normally. This time the 0xc000428 Error showed up (First time showing up on this drive), then every boot after that just stayed on a blank screen with nothing loading (HDD still loads fine in the Toshiba). So then I tried something, I placed my other RAM Card back into th
  4. I switched out one of my RAM Cards twice with 2 different cards showing the same memory issues. This specific Laptop has the RAM Slots in 2 different places: 1 in the bottom of the laptop, and 1 directly under the Keyboard. At the moment I can't get to the Card under the Keyboard (lack of small enough screwdiver). After trying many RAM Cards I'm pretty sure the problem is in the RAM Card I can't get to. I'm going to try to get a small enough screwdriver so I can replace it. But other than the memory is there any other possible cause to this problem I should look into.
  5. I'll try a different RAM Card. I got into the BIOS since I was able to contact the previous owner of the laptop. After I reset the default BIOS settings the memory issue actually got slightly worse.
  6. I tried running the memory test 3 times. The screen froze up each time in a different point of the test. I'm starting to think it could be in the RAM Cards causing the problem. I can't change most of the BIOS Settings because there is a admin password that was placed by the previous owner of the laptop and I have no idea what it is.
  7. I've tried it with no change. I also have a post about this on Microsoft forums and they suggested I download and run a specific memory test. Its running right now and I'm waiting to see the results
  8. I was using my laptop last night and it randomly had a blue screen error and then shut down. After that I've tried to boot my laptop but it wouldn't load, it kept asking to either launch startup recovery or start windows normally. When I choose to start normally it stays on a black screen. When I choose to Launch Startup Recovery it brings up the "Windows is loading files..." Screen but stop after the loading bar fills twice and then restarts. I then tried pressing F8 at the BIOS screen and chose to boot in safe mode and then tried booting with Last Known Good Configuration, Both having the sa
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