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  1. Thank you all SO MUCH for all of your help & suggestions !!!! It is really truly greatly appreciated.
  2. Thanks! I'll ask them! If they can't, what would another option be and what would I have to do for load balancing? Thanks!!
  3. Thanks so much for writing back so fast!!! I REALLY appreciate it. They would both be verizon fios lines. We were going to increase the speed, but it would still be slow as it wouldn't be much of an increase. We currently have 50 mbps download so it should be fast, but because it's being split so many times, it isn't. Not a dumb question - no, not wireless. I really appreciate your help!!
  4. Hey All! Quick question for you. I'm doing some IT work in a grammar school and i'm coming upon the following dilemma. We will be purchasing a Windows Server. We currently have 1 ISP that goes into 2 ethernet routing switch's, 1 that powers our computer lab & the other, our classrooms. It is too slow using 1 ISP, SO, we will be getting a second ISP. We want 1 ISP on the computer lab switch & the other ISP on the switch for the school... Pretty simple so far, right? LOL. ***My dilemma is, how do we connect the server now? Originally, with 1 IS
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