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    MS XP Professional Service Pack 3, version 2002 Dell Dimension DV051 Intel (R) Celeron (R) 3.06GHz, 0.99GB RAM
  1. Hi Thanks for the advice. I did what you said and got Malware Bytes' anti-malware scanner on the job and sure enough it found 6 malware infections! These are now removed (but I forgot the save the log - I was doing it late at night). The strange thing was my Kaspersky 2013 Internet Security found nothing, which makes me wonder if something has 'got at it'? It is unable to update at the moment and I have contacted the Kaspersky Support line to see if they know what may be causing this. Oh yes, I'm using a Dell Dimension 3100 with Windows XP Service Pack 3. Regards
  2. Hi, yesterday both Firefox and then IE started acting strange and would not load webpages that I was trying to view. They just stayed in limbo with the egg timer constantly swirling around - it was almost like there was no connection. However, when putting something into the search bar of the browser it would reveal the results page, but when you try to click on one of the results, the same constant loading of the page occurred. Today it very briefly loaded a page but then when I wanted to surf around on the selected website it again stayed in constant loading. I am running Kaspersky I
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