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  1. I have already set up the firewall with the site , IP's and program. It will not run even with the firewall turned off and the AV turned off. I tried to run it in safe mode and got the same blank window. My computer is connected with an ethernet cable not wireless. I have run the repair-activex.cmd from the troubleshooting pages. I ran the install as an administrator and also ran the program as an administrator. jkevin
  2. I have tried numerous times to get PC Matic to work on my system. I have downloaded and installed the software 4 times. When I run the software all that I get is a blank box with 3 gears turning in the middle. I have left it for an hour and it still stays the same. I have tried all of the troubleshooting tips and even turned off my AV and firewall. I cannot see buying it if it will not run much less fix anything. My system is: Dell Precision 490, Windows 7 64bit. Thanks, jkevin
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