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  1. Hey again, question? So I bought a wifi stick to access the internet. It access the modem all green. BUT still same problem. Can't get internet connection... even though all other wifi things can connect, could it be the modem or router...
  2. I know lol I've tried all 4 ports. I'm gonna get a buddy at work to take a look at it. He's fixed my computers before. I'll let him figure it out . Thanks for all the help and suggestions
  3. In network and internet connections map. Owner--------green -gateway xx---internet Wifi works... Computer is correctly configured getting IP address all that stuff. But DNS not responding. My ISP said that. My adapter is unable to connect. But my comp says it is connected just not getting internet
  4. That was the first thing I did. The modem is working. Laptops, ps3 all wireless things are getting connection. Just the desktop that gets the internet cable in doesn't connect
  5. When I diagnose the problem. It says " your computer appears to be correctly configured, but the device or resource (DNS) is not responding" don't know if that helps any lol
  6. I did everything in safe mode, no connection. Rebooted in reg mode same thing....
  7. OK, ya I meant uninstall McAfee.. I'm in safe mode and the same thing. Network is unable to access internet.
  8. Not sure I went into safe mode Here is want comes up USB generic compact flash USB generic SD/mmc USB generic microsd USB generic ms/ms-pro USB generic sm/xs-picture the one I pick Raid raid ready Raid: atapi DVD a dh16aash
  9. I deleted mcafe. To see if that was the option earlier. I'll try safe mode though
  10. OK thanks. I was wondering about that, obviously I'm a noob at this stuff lol
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