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    AMD Athlon 1.33ghz w/KT266 512mb PC2100 DDR RAM 60gb + 80gb HDD 16x DVD + 8x CD-RW Geforce4 Ti4600V @ 330/680 Sound Blaster PCI128 Windows 2000 SP4 Aspire X-Dreamer II Case + Tt Cooling ------------------------------------------------------------ Athlon 64 3400+ Abit KV8 MAX3 Mushkin Lvl 1 PC3500 (2x256mb) 52x CD-Rom + DVD-RW 120gb 8mb + 250gb 8mb 9800pro @ XT Audigy LS Aspire X-SuperAlien Black case w/ 500watt psu Windows 2000 SP4
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  1. you don't happen to be on Software mode arn't ya? try reinstalling DX9 and Nvidia Drivers
  2. yes most of those who DO drugs were told it was bad, but they didnt give a damn about what their parents said and moved on to what their going to do. The I don't give a sh1t attitude that some of the kids have... And most of time the kids gets addicted because they think it won't hurt just try a little, but things like drug are addictive, so its better not to even try it
  3. It shouldnt be necessary to overprotective about what the child do on PC as long as you taught them how to use it and what is appropriate and what is not. Just like telling your kid not to do drug, i dunno about other people, but when my parent told me not to do drug because its bad, I didn't do drug because I know the harm of it that my parents and teachers told me, and nobody wants to be harmed
  4. Wow, Another MySpace trouble...why doesnt MSN Space and Xanga get this kind of troubles? Seriously I don't think its the internet's problem for the girl, the girl should be taught about Sex, Age and Appropriate Use of Internet and the Harms of making friend with strangers over internet. If the driver believe the girl to be legitimate, then the girl must be physically mature, Just like the Song in Will Smith CD I don't see why I would go meet a girl on internet, and one day propose to the stranger lets meet and XXXXX. What's happening to people these days???Maybe I am old and cannot catch up with the fad... Children shall not be allowed to have comp in their room until they are 15, OR teach children, talk about it, curiosity is usually the major reason for these kind of troubles. Tell them why and they'll understand... I have a PC in my room from 9, And I did seen adult sites accidently and spotted once by my uncle, But that didn't affect me non.
  5. nice, bring a cam up there next time
  6. 4x SLI leaves no space for aegia ppu...
  7. Flight Simulator 04, I wonder why didn't microsoft add the effect of planes blowing up on crash? it's so unreal, it was said to be a realistic emulator tho... I think flight simulator is the one with the greatest graphic demand, it need as much realism possible, therefore i believe everything on the ground needs to be rendered and even birds be rendered in sky, and dynamic shadows, realistic physics, that will make perfect simulator...that probably need ten 7900GTX to render tho....
  8. Not everyone who pimp out their ride is a scum of the earth or "chav" for what european calls em. I don't have to wear a suit to be educated, therefore wearing pimp cloths doesnt make me uneducated. i believe it's stereotyping
  9. i have owned two Aspire Cases, They are quality cases, that case is pretty good, the door is removable i guess, and it has thermometers(look out for LOTS of wires)
  10. lol funny post, and the altavista translator never works right.. the translated phrase actually means THAT'S NOT, NOT RIGHT in chinese, proper translation should be 那是错的, ...online translators never works
  11. looks like time for new drive, maybe considering other brands...i bought this dvd rw as a refurb, no box at newegg.
  12. Money is tight, It would b best if it isnt hardware problem...DOes anyone have a GSOC version of the drive's firmware, I want to flash the drive back to its original firmware, but i don't have the original back up...
  13. i have a Lite On LDW 851S dvd burner bought about one and half year ago, I don't use it much, recently I've been trying to burn DVDs with it, it won't complete burn process, would fail almost all the time. I thought of trying different Media, it worked but it won't reconize the disc it burned...now it won't even play DVD discs, just spin in the drive without getting detected....help! I tried flashing firmware from GSOC to GSOP, it doesnt help at all, ever since the flash it even stopped reading discs...any one have any idea? CD still works tho..
  14. problem resolved guys, Thanks! i reduced speed and tried putting less stuff on the disc, and it works!
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