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    AMD Athlon 1.33ghz w/KT266 512mb PC2100 DDR RAM 60gb + 80gb HDD 16x DVD + 8x CD-RW Geforce4 Ti4600V @ 330/680 Sound Blaster PCI128 Windows 2000 SP4 Aspire X-Dreamer II Case + Tt Cooling ------------------------------------------------------------ Athlon 64 3400+ Abit KV8 MAX3 Mushkin Lvl 1 PC3500 (2x256mb) 52x CD-Rom + DVD-RW 120gb 8mb + 250gb 8mb 9800pro @ XT Audigy LS Aspire X-SuperAlien Black case w/ 500watt psu Windows 2000 SP4
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  1. I left a thumb drive plugged on my car's stereo overnight in a windy -20C weather, the next morning i tried to play an mp3 from it then 10 seconds later all hell break loose, sounds go crazy and crashes my stereo, i had to reset it. I know it isnt the problem with my stereo because all other medium of media works and other thumb drives works too. Checked the "broken" thumb drive on my computer, some files went missing some files can't be opened, while some still works. My question is can memory go corrupt in cold weather? And if so what range of temperature can memory drives withstand? Assuming its MicroSD.
  2. yea keep the support going, what they desperately need is people getting there for rescure and aftermath.
  3. i'll answer my own question, turns out the chip inside the external hard drive helds the partition information of the hard drive that was taken out. So I ended up putting the hard drive back into the external enclosure and it works again. Stupid me thought that taking out external hard drive and put it inside the pc case would work easily..
  4. MY WD Green hard drive wont show after taken out of its WD External enclosure. The computer detected the drive and so does windows, but no drive show up in my computer, drive manager saids it failed to initialized and unallocated. Help and Advice anyone? will initializing the disk destroy data?
  5. If American assasinated another President, then we are indeed HOPELESS, democracy would've served no purpose
  6. When's next generation CPU and Graphics card? Seems the pace has dropped abit this year...
  7. aw, adorable child, my name is regan too
  8. Wonder if switching between VIA chipsets would be fine?, Why isn't VIA making any new chipsets?
  9. i have so many HDD cuz i have so many files, its impossible to back them up cuz they're in gigs lol. There has to be a way, I know that Win 98 can swap all the time between machine and works. Not sure about XP... The new pc's recognition of the non-os hard drive is my main concern. As for the OS-Drive I could reinstall, but best if I can just uninstall drivers and swap it
  10. I wanted to upgrade to a new system and i want to keep my hard drives. I currently have 2 IDE hard drives and 3 SATA drives. I was wondering if i did a mobo swap, would all the drive still be recognized and drive letters remain the same?? I use XP SP2 btw.
  11. im afraid i didn't get that humor :-P
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