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    AMD Athlon 1.33ghz w/KT266 512mb PC2100 DDR RAM 60gb + 80gb HDD 16x DVD + 8x CD-RW Geforce4 Ti4600V @ 330/680 Sound Blaster PCI128 Windows 2000 SP4 Aspire X-Dreamer II Case + Tt Cooling ------------------------------------------------------------ Athlon 64 3400+ Abit KV8 MAX3 Mushkin Lvl 1 PC3500 (2x256mb) 52x CD-Rom + DVD-RW 120gb 8mb + 250gb 8mb 9800pro @ XT Audigy LS Aspire X-SuperAlien Black case w/ 500watt psu Windows 2000 SP4
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  1. After much troubleshooting, and with the help of our fellow forum members, I've determined the culprit to be the following: 1) Corrupt Video Drivers (I had to resolve it using the most thorough method of using driver sweeper and do a fresh reinstall of drivers) 2) Bad Memory Stick (I tested my old ram sticks, and swapped in another set, the new set hasn't crashed since I installed it yesterday) I did note that my motherboard seem to go through memory stick alot, 4 years and 3 sets fried, but I rather just keep getting new ram sticks until I could afford building another new system. And B
  2. here are the symptoms: 1) I get bsod spontaneously, it could be a few minute into usage or couple hours into usage, sometimes a whole day before it crashes. 2) I get a different error every time i get a bsod, its either from bad video drivers, bad usb ports, bad memory and bunch of other random reasons as suggested by dump files. 3) The above only happened very recently, the computer was rock solid for months. what i've done to find out the cause: 1) I used driver verifier to check my drivers, they appear fine but I reinstalled my video driver anyway. 2) I used windows memory diagnost
  3. I did exactly just that, reinstalled windows and everything is back to normal, although one partition of a slave drive is also corrupt, I suspect that was caused by the controller failure during defragmentation at the very beginning... anyway thanks ya'll for the advices!
  4. Trying the disk diagnostic right now with the long test...awaiting resultsbtw this isnt the only issue, I also have another Sata drive that cannot be initialized in the same computer, but is recognized in bios... UPDATE: long test on hard drive earned a PASS, so it doesnt seem like hard drive is the issue. I am baffled...is it possible that the motherboard itself is dying???I even tried bios reset and replugging the hard drive connectors... UPDATE2: I was able to log into windows after disabling my SATA controller, keeping only IDE controller on in bios. Could a bad SATA controller bee
  5. So I did a repair install, and the problem did not go away, it now gives the 0x24 error with some other addresses. So I am currently running chkdsk /r again...
  6. that didn't seem to work, still giving me the same error after windows logo. Here's the detail of the error: STOP:0x00000024 (0x001902FE, 0xB95C5B6C, 0xB95C5868, 0xB9D698D6) Nfts.sys - Address B9D698D6 base at B9D58000, DateStamp 48025be5
  7. So I booted up my old windows xp computer last night to check if it still works. Everything seemed fine until I started defragging the hard drives (I have 5 drives on it with 6 partitions, two of which is IDE, rest is SATA). The computer hanged a bit during defrag, then two drives just disappeared. Turns out the Sata controller that was hooked up with the two missing drives somehow crashed during the defragmentation. So I stopped the defrag and restarted the pc instead. It didnt show up until after unplugging and replugging some sata cables, the sata controller came back to life, all drives ar
  8. Vice city was pretty awesome, they should've remade it! Instead of GTA5 being in LA again...
  9. so what happens now that the deadline has passed, where do i continue to observe the war? lol
  10. having done 2 rounds of testing, AMD sucks at these math and logic benches, but really not noticeable in real world performance :-/
  11. i got mine in, but the 3Dmark03 was being pita, installed, reinstalled, patched, unpatched, its not letting me make public of result, so i took screenshot of the score page. I see some people running only the 3D test, i ran default test, that ok?
  12. thanks for the tips, so i reinstalled the 3dmark03 with the latest ver 3.6.2 1901 build (tried without and with the patch) and upon submitting the result to internet, it still doesnt let me make public.
  13. AMDX1325 Stock Score. EDITED. AMD PhenomII X4 965 Asus M4A785TD-M-Evo Corsair XMS DDR3 1333 2x2gb XFX ATi Radeon 5770 1gb Air Cooled running Win7...kinda slow. wPrime - 43.026 http://img708.imageshack.us/img708/2486/wprime.png SuperPi - 20.296 http://img707.imageshack.us/img707/4365/superpie.png GeekBench - 6392 http://browse.geekbench.ca/geekbench2/view/218282 3Dmark05 - 22021 http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm05=5144151 3Dmark03 - 48117 (it won't let me make public so i put up snapshot) http://img713.imageshack.us/img713/3156/3dm03s.png according the calcul
  14. update: when i woke up this morning i found this screen on my computer, a BSOD indicating: PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA STOP: 0×00000050 (0xCD3DD628, 0×00000001, 0×804EFC9A, 0×00000000) let me also say this would happen overnight, rarely happen when i was using it during the day, i can think of a few things to determine what caused it, mem stick (DDR3 so dunno about their reliability), Bigfoot Killer Network card or a program that i had running called Flashget3...
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