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  1. Hi 'Joe C' & 'badbinding': ...and thanks for your advise - I thought that I have to have TWO separate Email-accounts, and I was not sure if this is commonly allowed by the ISP's. I'm going to correct the setting for my 2nd PC (wireless Laptop-PC) so that each PC can receive only its own Email. Many thanks again, guys!
  2. Thanks for your prompt reply, caintry_boy...! I have installed a copy of the Thunderbird Browser on each of the PC's (wireless Laptop & wired Desktop) and assigned a different Email address to each, however, I was getting some error during this process which I did NOT understand and know how to fix it: right now both PC's have their own address but with the ISP I'm of course registered just with the original, ONE only Email address/account (wired Desktop). My objective is that all emails currently being on my Email account at my ISP get SELECTIVELY distributed to the specific PC based
  3. I'm sorry, I'm asking how to set up email accounts for each, the wireless (Laptop) and the wired (Desktop) PC's so that each of them can do Emailing (sending & receiving their Email) independetly thereby avoiding downloading all Email to both PC's at the same time. Right now both PC's have individual access to Internet BUT any new incoming Email is being delivered to both of them REGARDLESS of their separate Email address. Although I had assigned a separate Email address to each of them, I must have made an error somewhere in setting this network. Your further help would be greatly app
  4. Hi: Using the Mozilla Thunderbird Email Browser, how do I set up Emailing in my home network which consists of a WIRELESS Laptop and a WIRED Desktop PC's by using ONE Account at the same Internet Service Provider ...? Is there a way that I could set up an Account (with a separate address) in the Thunderbird Browser at EACH PC, one for the WIRELESS Laptop and the other for the Desktop so that the Email-messages can be selectively delivered either to the WIRELESS or the WIRED PC rather than downloading every Email-message to both PC's at the same time...? And - can this set up be made by using
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