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  1. avg says you have to upgrade to 7.0 does that mean no more free edition on there website today within days no more protection
  2. i did a scan it said i have lots of spyware and adware on my computer what is a good free program to get rid of them? thanks
  3. could someone please do a step by step how to manualy download avg free updates
  4. thanks tankus it worked
  5. when i open update manager and click on update now it says can,testablish internet connection does this mean the site is busy? my internet connection is fine for anything else
  6. when i download updates manually do i select open or save?then after my selection what do i do next?
  7. how do i create a backup disk for 98se
  8. if i buy a new computer do i need a new license number or do i use the one i have for this old one for avg virus protection? thanks yoy are all so good to help out
  9. when you download 6.0 do you save to disk or temp folder
  10. I've had 3 power supplys replaced in 3 years whats the best way to clean it canned air?
  11. how do i delete old updates on avg 6.0 free edition
  12. have norton 2003 installed how often do i run scan for viruses? thanks
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