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    HP Pavilion DV6 6C65, Windows 7 professional, Core I7-2670QM,750GB HD, 8GB RAM, 2GB AMD Radeon HD 7690M XT graphics gard, CDRW...

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  1. Hi everyone.. I am using iomega prestige superspeed USB 3.0. and it is encrypted( it will ask for password when we connect it to the laptop) and I am using HP pavilion DV6 6C65 laptop. The hard drive worked fine until yesterday. The laptop had some audio issue and I took it to HP service center and they formatted the laptop. Now when I connect the hard drive to laptop, I can see the iomegaencryptionsetup.exe file, but when I open this file it is not asking me password, instead it is opening application settings window everytime. I have important data in it. Can anyone help me solving this issue. Thank you.
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