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  1. Hi there, Some weeks ago my PC (a Dell 380) was infected with PCeU ransomware. On that occasion, I was able to access the command prompt via Safe Mode and run a utility which seemed to sort the issue. However, I have been reinfected; the screen I receive looks slightly different (pretty much the same content but a different appearance) and I cannot access safe mode at all, so I suspect this might be a new "upgraded" version of the virus? I have tried everything I can think of. Safe Mode with Networking and Last Good Configuration both lead to the PCeU screen. Safe mode with cmd just "loops", taking me back to the screen with the Safe Mode options. So if any of you good people could help, I'd be grateful!!! I'm not hugely computer minded, so advice easily understood by the layman would be great!! I don't have a Windows disk so really don't want to look at reinstalling Windows if I can avoid it. Also, WHY does anti virus software (I'm running AVG and MalwareBytes) not spot this and block the threat....? It seems to be everywhere at the moment, I spoke to a computer savvy guy in my local bar for advice and he said he and a friend of his were all in the same position having been binfected in the last couple of days and are awaiting a reply to this post as keenly as I am!! Many thanks in advance....
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