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  1. Hi, please start by uninstalling any free software associated with PUPs and adware from the PC. You should search for each entry in the Remove list so you can decide which software to keep. Please also check the browser’s shortcut (target field) on start menu or task bar because many malicious software now add their URL in front of the executable so the browser launches the malicious page automatically when it starts. Then install a trial version of one of the leading antimalware solutions if you don’t have one installed already. That will prevent silent reinstalls of most P
  2. I have been using BeAnywhere and I'm very grateful with its high performance because it's easier to work, flexible and secure. Check it out: www.beanywhere.com
  3. Hey! Good stuff! We are waiting to see this
  4. In my laptop windows 8 runs better than Windows 7 and the interface is clean, simply, very user friendly and it is optimised for ultramobile devices. It has been an great experience.
  5. Yeah, I'm using my company's internet. I don't know the right term in english, but we use fiber internet (?). It's amazingly fast. And yes, I'm from Portugal.
  6. I'm not sure yet. I've been reading a couple of things the past few days about Win 8 and truth be told, I'm a little afraid it turns out to be something like Win Vista. I guess I'll have to try it before I can make a decision.
  7. My all time favorite is definitely Shenmue I and II.. wish I could also had III
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