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  1. HP stuff is proprietary especially the PSU. Most of the older HP's you could salvage the motherboard and just place it inside a differnt case. I have done this on several older 400 Celeron boards but there PSU is special made for those cases. Cheap to build = AMD Try Ebay, i bought a like new AMD mB, 2000 MHZ CPU and 512 DDR ram as a package for $140. If you spend any money 1st spend it on a quality PSU and case. You can get the short Antec cases for about $75 which include a 300 watt PSU and they have 3 year warrantys and these will accept about any MB you throw at it unless its
  2. Ive never used it..i also stopped dual booting Linux with Windows as all those Windows apps that have safedisk and safecast DRM protection from Macrovision writes to sector 33 and has been known to wipe out Linux ..the new TurboTax 2003 has this now as well..amoung alot of games. I use seperate drives now.
  3. Im thinking that the updates or active X installs can only be done running IE..and will only affect any "fake" widowds apps like IE..and they will only get installed into the fake windows directories that wine is emulating..i even ran notepad but it refused to save the text file anywwhere..even inside the fake windows folder..but Photoshop will save images anywhere on the drive aside from restricted root directories. Some apps need IE installed but one dont have to use it or update anything. Just alot of windows apps depend on it being installed.
  4. I was able to get WinDVD 5 installed as well..dont have a DVD yet to test it, but it did install and run after i installed Media Player 7. Its worth it for just the Photoshop.
  5. Bruce is right,,,this program is a GUI based on wine, but the differnce is it has been tweaked to run a list of supported windows apps which have been tested to work and give less hassles..you install the Crossover Office..run it from the shortcut it makes in the start menu..highlight the supported windows program you wish to install..place the cd in the drive and it installs just as it would on Windows. The only problem i had with Photoshop was the autorun install menu..the button you push to install Photoshop wasnt doing anything when i pushed it..so i pointed directly to the setup.exe file
  6. I just installed the Crossover Office on Suse and Photoshop 7 installed and is running as easy as in Windows..it will also install Office XP and other stuff and the only command line used is just one which installs CrossOver Office. CrossOver Office I never really needed the Office stuff, but cant do without Photoshop.. Suse is also offering this with other stuff on a cd called Suse Linux Wine Rack Sorry if its a repost.
  7. I tried that..it would get to 50% and just stall out. Plus after reading people having trouble with the new drivers and downloading the older version i had to do it the long way. Im assuming you have the updated drivers installed, having any lockup problems?
  8. Once kernel sources are installed and updated grab the nvidia drivers below: NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-4620-pkg1.run They may be newer drivers, but i read a few posts that people where having issues with them and recommended these. Now restart the PC and choose Failsafe , login as root and run the command below: sh NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-4620-pkg1.run When the installer states you that it cant find a complied kernel source , and asks for your permission to download the new version JUST SAY NO and the installer will compile the driver without any problem. Once done restart
  9. LMAO.. this was my 1st take as well. Im so glad that ive learned alot from using the command line in Linux..it really gives you a better understanding of how it all works but i feel your pain in the fact that i really have no interest in 3 hours of reading and work to get a scroll wheel on a mouse working and feel that it should be taken care of by the install. Ive found Suse Pro really does a better job with the install..they was nothing hardware related i had to touch after the install other than pointing the dialup config to what port my modem was using.
  10. Try a reinstall of Spybot and do a update and run that 1st. Stop using the IE garbage and get a Mozilla browser. http://www.mozilla.org
  11. When updating XP from there site it will create a folder in the C drive unless you have more than one partition or drive then it will usually create it on the extra partition. I cant remember the name of the folder it creates, but while your downloading the hotfixes they are stored in there untill they are installed then there deleted. I usually drag them off while there being downloaded , rename them leaving just the numbers and stash them to be burned later. It will be faster if you create a Service Pack 1 slipstream of your XP cd..unless its a restore disk and it still should be possable if
  12. May want to look into what these are. The best way is to do a google search on the filenames at the end of each line to see if there known spyware or viruses.Once a item is cleared as ok, checkmark it and choose to put it on the ignore list so teh next scan only shows things added after the last scan.
  13. Heres how to create a bootable Suse CD 1. What i did was: login as root, browse to and open the mnt folder and create a sub folder named suse Copy the CD 1 contents inside the created suse folder. From there you can add extra folders with other stuff not on the cd and such, but you cant change the RPM's inside the i586 folder without renaming them the original filenames..there should be a config file on the cd that one can edit in the rpm filename changes..im working on that next so i can add updated RPM's later on and rebuild the cd..but im thinking that one can do that within X
  14. Im gonna give the commands another run..this should do the trick..im missing something somewhere. Wish they made a app like WinISO for Linux. WinISO rocks..ive used it to make a Win 95 cd boot like a 98 and made a NT4 cd boot like a 2000 disk.
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