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  1. Heres a page that explains how to extract any file from the original disk or from the hardrive if you have the install files saved on there. How to extract files in Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP
  2. HP stuff is proprietary especially the PSU. Most of the older HP's you could salvage the motherboard and just place it inside a differnt case. I have done this on several older 400 Celeron boards but there PSU is special made for those cases. Cheap to build = AMD Try Ebay, i bought a like new AMD mB, 2000 MHZ CPU and 512 DDR ram as a package for $140. If you spend any money 1st spend it on a quality PSU and case. You can get the short Antec cases for about $75 which include a 300 watt PSU and they have 3 year warrantys and these will accept about any MB you throw at it unless its proprietary Dell MB's which require PSU adaptors to work without Dell PSU's. Link Good place to buy from and cheap shipping.
  3. They should already be formatted. Ive never had any problems formating them in XP and using them that way. If not and you are worried about using XP to format them for that use just stick them in any 98 or Me machine and format them.
  4. Better answer is " Im never buying another OEM PC".. as they all do that and Gateway seems to be one of the better ones..take a look at a Compaq if you really want to see OEM hell at its worst. I have a old socket 7 Compaq here dropped off needing a power supply. Only a Compaq will work..they still sell the huge 90 watt power supply new from there parts site and for the amazing low price of $180..LMAO. The owners can and are going to buy a new case and 370 socket board with a 700 MHZ Celeron which is way better than 233MHZ and for way less than $180. Just have to transfer the rest of the parts over afterwards and reinstall Windows.
  5. Just buy any pack of new floppies at a Walmart or something.. download or make a 98 startup floppy and stick the bios flash app and bios file on that ..boot with the floppy ..choose to boot without cdrom support. Type in the full name of the bios app name once your at the A prompt and press enter to start the upgrade process..
  6. Im not saying they did ..just that i know most all of them do that. If you bought a faster CPU you didnt waste your money you just will have to buy a retail board if you find you cant get the Gateway board to work. The removing of jumpers was done mostly on the older boards because thats how most all of them changed bus speeds back then. The new boards seem to be all done in teh bios and if the Gateway board wont take a Intel bios and Gateway dont release there own version of the update to work with that board then you wont be using it..thats why you shoudl always buy parts directly from the manufacture and build it yourself. While im wrecking your week i may as well tell you that if you buy a new board the Gateway Restore disks wont work ither as they cripple them to only work on Gateway boards which get detected by the bios ID..i would even bet that if you was able to flash that Gateway board with a real Intel bios and later tried to restore the PC it would fail because the bios has changed..your only hope would be to make a image backup using Ghost or Drive Image and use that as a restore method as it would bypass the install routine and would be faster as well. If you change the motherboard you will have to reinstall Windows over and the restore disks nor image files wont help you..in effect meaning although you paid for Windows ... if you change the board there useless..welcome to OEM hell.
  7. They may be a few that can be reflashed with the retail bios..but if they modified the board..removed stuff..etc and you flash the bios and it doesnt work and wont boot..its a dead board..just spend a 100 bucks and buy a good board and use that..Most Gateway towers ive worked with will take retail boards..where Compaqs wont and Dell's use there own power supply with 2 plugs instead of one..but an adaptor for Dell power supplies can be got for 10 bucks.
  8. Heres the deal. Most all OEM companies have manufactures make them boards and they cripple them and stick there own part code sticker on them. Cripple meaning, removing jumpers, or coding OEM specific bios's that disable bus speed changes, etc and they almost always have the OEM specific bios which is differnt from the actual retail board bios of the same model. I have a HP 370 socket board here made by Asus for HP... the real Asus retail board of the same model says that it supports up to a P3 1000, well thats before HP got it and removed the jumpers and stuck there preschool bios flash so it couldnt be bumped past 66 bus speed..LMAO.. I cant see Intel having Gateway bios updates on there site..they usually point you to the Gateway site instead..and retail bios updates are almost always differnt than the OEM versions and may be your problem. When the "tech" told you it doesnt support the 2.6 upgrade he more than likley meant to say that we took the Intel board and crippled it so they could sell you a faster but equally crippled PC when you figured that out. More than likley Gateway hasnt updated there bios flash for the board to allow the upgrade because they had no desire to..they would rather tell you its outdated and pressure you to buy a new one over.
  9. Thats a slow connection? Hate to burst his bubble, but just because he has a 2meg connection doesnt mean that everything will come in at that speed. It would take me 6 days to get just one of the ISO's on my dialup connection, but DSL will be here by summer. Some people just crack me up..lol
  10. RANDY RHOADS 1981


    Im running 98se using Virtual PC, the last version offered before Microsoft bought it, on my XP install. And i use VMware on Suse 8.2 Pro to run Windows 2000 Pro. This is on a P3 1000 -512MB Ram and it runs just fine. The only drawback to Virtual PC is the emulated video card is just 4MB. I had no problems in Windows nor Linux getting the virtual PC connected using dialup. I just told it to look at the com port my modem was using in the settings of the virtual machine being used . The kool thing is 98 doesnt take alot of space which means the virtual drive can be backed up easily on CD and reused because the virtual machine is always emulating the same hardware.
  11. Power supply handles the main power to the machine. As stated the battery is just for saving CMOS memory. If you push the power button and the machine doesnt respond or shuts down shortly afterwards it could be a CPU fan problem, faulty power supply or a heat issue. If the PC is over a year old it may be a good time to buy a can of compressed air, unplug the machine and take it outside and give the inside a good blast to remove any built up lint and dust inside. Shouldnt be no problem finding these at a Radio Shack or simular electronics outlet.
  12. I think Arnie is stepping up because he knows the 4th sequel always flops and hes getting old. Movies wont always be in demand for him. If there dumb enough to vote him in, at least it couldnt get any worse, and he has a pay day.
  13. I work for B.A.S.F testing the durability of condoms. Its very hard work, but very stimulating. :help:
  14. You would think that MS would have learned there lessen on the whole Corp thing and tried to make it harder to do when they made 2003 Server, they didnt for the most part . And the icing on the cake was most all current 2003 Enterprise Sever Corp versions going around were made available thanks to Micosoft's own website. How thats for support?
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