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  1. Thanks Caintry_boy, About the two blue processes, the winlogon, I can't find pertainent info for removing it from my type of machine. The speech one is probably not working because I'm in safe mode. When I click the change button per the instructions, a dialog flashes on (too fast to read) and then nothing happens. For the toolbars, can I just go to the location and delete them from my system by deleting the specified file? Will that do it? Once I'm sure the computer is clean, I'll go ahead and hunt down the relevant driver as well. So, I'm guessing the PIT test did not turn up anything like a virus or bug? Any idea why my chkdsk fails at 2% on the 2nd of 5 tests (verify indexes). Maybe it's not failing and just taking a long time? Do you know if it is typical behavior, while running chkdsk, for the computer to detach from the monitor so the monitor thinks "no signal input"? If that's normal behavior, maybe my machine is actually running chkdsk, just taking forever. Also, would you know why Windows won't allow me to run backup? I'm trying to backup onto a portable drive with near 1tb free. Windows creates the directory, but fails to backup? Many Thanks AWhang
  2. http://www.pcpitstop.com/betapit/sec.asp?conid=25059722&report=Summary Heres the URL after I revisited and looked up the results in my Overdrive System Browser. I had stripped off the &report=Summary when I attempted to drop this into my TechID field. Hope this works. Thanks AWhang
  3. Hello there, I performed the PIT test...I think. I have the link to the page with the suggested fixes. Nothing warning of any malware or viruses (thank goodness). I attempted to leave the conid=# in my profile, but it didn't take the whole URL so I only put in the conid#...hope that was correct. http://www.pcpitstop.com/betapit/tips/Intbuffer.asp?conid=25059722 Bottom 15%...yikes...time for a new system:) I'm in the market for a workstation. I better get to it. Thanks AWhang
  4. Hello there, I've let Ken545 know that you'd like to run a PIT test here. I wanted to double check with him so as not to get too complicated and confused. If he agrees I'm all for trying another test. Are there viruses that will keep the chkdsk from working? That has me worried. I sure hope it's not the end of my drive! I'll get back to you when I get word from Ken. Thanks! AWhang
  5. Some new developements. I tried to run chkdsk and it ran through the first of 5 steps fine. On the second step (verifying indexes) it got to about 2% and then froze. When I came back, the monitor was complaining "no signal input". Is that supposed to happen during chkdsk? I now need to start up in safe mode because everytime I restart, the machine automatically goes into chkdsk. I attempted to back-up by RMB clicking the c: drive and, under tools, selecting back-up. I was directing the back-up to a 1gig portable drive d:/. The wizard created a file, and, after a quick analysis, failed. I'm a little worried that I can't back-up. edit: Here's the notepad error message that the backup generated Backup Status Operation: Backup Active backup destination: File Media name: "Backup20120911.bkf created 9/11/2012 at 10:45 PM" Error returned while creating the volume shadow copy:Catastrophic failure Aborting Backup. ---------------------- The operation did not successfully complete. ---------------------- Don't know if this sheds any additional light on to the situation. Worse case scenario, if my main C: drive is failing, what should I do to save as much info and make that info transferable to a new drive (or machine)? I'm prepping for the worse now. Many Thanks! AWhang
  6. Would I need a moderator to move the thread? The reason I ask is that this was already moved from the virus/malware location. I'd hate to start it all over again. Thanks AWhang
  7. Hello, I was referred to PCP by the safer networking forums. I've been working with them since my machine freaked and gave me a Bad_Pool_Caller error. I'm told I can link over to my active safer networking forum thread if someone needs to see what we've done so far. My "case worker" has suggested that the errors are more likely hardware related and that you folks over here at PCP would be the right people to tackle this. http://forums.spybot.info/showthread.php?p=430770&posted=1#post430770 Please let me know if this isn't the correct location to post this type of problem. Feel free to place into the proper location. I'm trying to determine if my main drive is giving out or perhaps my external drive is acting up (it wouldn't be the first time on my external drive). Many Thanks for your time and any help or suggestions you can offer me on this issue. -AWhang
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