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  1. Sir T Fireball, what make & model is your ram, sounds like slow timmings (
  2. win/xp, sys/restore OFF, 4 maxtor sata drives 8 mb cache, raid 0
  3. my bad , bfg gtx oc. i think i could do with a 5.25 - 3.5 reducer so i can use the spare 5.25 bays & get another card for the summer
  4. bad news on the card revivalist , (quote) Also, I just read that the GTX is about 1/2 inch longer than the GT. I just baaarely got the GT to fit in my case. The back was butted up against my Raptors. (You can see some pics here.) I even had to slice open the special EMI protective coating on the PCI-E power chord on my OCZ PSU. That was the only way to squeeze it in between the video card and the Raptors. . . i know what you mean ? http://i1.tinypic.com/mwegbm.jpg lol
  5. i scored a little better , but it was so slow i thought it had froze http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm06=4610
  6. lol sir t this link may help http://forums.extremeoverclocking.com/show...ad.php?t=151373
  7. usb / microsoft drivers , never tried the others
  8. http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=D3LF0WU1FECSSQ8R http://tinypic.com/ivhgmu.jpg @ lower multi http://tinypic.com/ivhlw7.jpg
  9. looks good shogan, i cant find any in the uk
  10. nice ronnie , that money was well spent & @3300+
  11. why cant you rma it onecool ok i know now
  12. lol me too jackel look s good , http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=N8UPNWT0V4CSEZRU
  13. nice vid raptor nice try guys pcp1 & pcp2 & well done to all who took part
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