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  1. thanx par4, Q.how do i do a screen capture ???? thanx
  2. dunce


    try this link http://www.onshore.com/services/online/hot...c/spyware.shtml
  3. advice please, how do i post a result (atto) thanx ???
  4. 150 siarra rs cosworth , sold it years ago drive ike a old fart now ?
  5. if not , phone them they may have more idea,s ??? then send it back if they cant help ????
  6. where did you get the mobo ??? is it working now ?????
  7. brass risers= stand of,s .there may be one out of sight not in use but touching the back of the mobo ??? & u wont see it until you take the mobo out ???
  8. check to see if the mobo is earthing out on the case , ie a stand of, in the wrong place touching the back of the mobo, while the mobo is out lay some card or box underneath it ,plug it back up & see if it boots ????
  9. just a thought, you may have to activate agp in the bios ????
  10. wt comes with games follow this link to remove http://www.pestpatrol.com/pestinfo/w/wildtangent.asp
  11. this may help/ http://www.pestpatrol.com/pestinfo/w/wildtangent.asp
  12. hay oceanv47, could please tell how you got rid wt. ???? is the icon still in your control panel?? if not !how??? don it
  13. dunce

    Reg / Clean

    jv16 should do a auto back up, select back up & you should see it ," tip" after running regclean ,go to select(next to file) & select, special select ,then select items that sould be safe to remove , this will select all green ,then read them & then remove
  14. dunce

    Reg / Clean

    good thinking, ill try to rmember that,??
  15. dunce

    Reg / Clean

    yeah i did not think it a good idea to erase duplicate files, so i nver touched it & dont intend to, good to hear other people are using it without problems ??? any other advice as to what NOT to do with it,???
  16. dunce

    Reg / Clean

    thanx for replys/ the pcworld one was a bad download& would not work but i d/l the jv16 power tool, seems ok ??? "at the mo" got rid of a load of stuff ??? "not to much i hope"
  17. sorry to hear,wish you both all the best
  18. advice please/ has any one used this (easyclean) Q. is it ok, or do you know of a better "but free" reg cleaner/ i am being very carefull with this ,thats why i would like advice ????? thanx.
  19. Dear Customer, The Browser Security Test is finished. Please find the results below: High Risk Vulnerabilities 0 Medium Risk Vulnerabilities 0 Low Risk Vulnerabilities 0 ?????? look at the bottom of page ?? (Scanit offers 5-day training on hacking techniques in Belgium and Middle East ) is this safe ???
  20. well i had changed a mo/bo 4 bigger size & i left a stand off attachted to the case when i put the mo/bo back in it was touching the back of mo/bo & shorting / try removing mo/bo sit it on a box (not touching mo/bo) & reconnect every thing & try & boot it that cured mine ?????? good luck btw i meant not touching case (not mo/bo) lol
  21. i had trouble like that once, turned out to be mo/bo earthing against chassie ?????
  22. Home Registry Security Forums Software Contacts Registry Guide for Windows Part of the WinGuides Network Registry tweaks, tricks & hacks to optimize, enhance and secure Microsoft Windows. [Advanced Search] Features Home Page Support Forums Downloads Registry Tutorial Newsletter Download Guide Suggested Books -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Registry Mechanic Tweak Manager Email Saver Xe Print this page E-mail this page Add to favorites Information Subscribe Suggest Tweak Advertise Contact Us Link to Us Related Links Affiliate Program Already a member? Sign in Not a member? Register Home > Hardware > Processor and Motherboard Optimize Large Second Level Cache (Windows NT/2000/XP) Popular Windows is optimized for a 256KB secondary cache by default. With most computers now having L2 caches larger than that it pays to take the time to change the setting to correspond to the size of the cache memory installed. This tweak can be easily applied using WinGuides Tweak Manager. Download a free trial now! Open your registry and find the key below. Create a new DWORD value, of modify the existing value, named "SecondLevelDataCache" and set it to equal your L2 cache size in Kb's (decimal). Restart Windows for the change to take effect. Note: This tweak is only useful for older processors with the cache located external to the CPU. (Default) REG_SZ (value not set) SecondLevelDataCache REG_DWORD 0x00000200 (512) HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session ... Registry Settings System Key: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\ Memory Management] Value Name: SecondLevelDataCache Data Type: REG_DWORD (DWORD Value) Value Data: Cache (in Kb) using Decimal Notation Disclaimer: Modifying the registry can cause serious problems that may require you to reinstall your operating system. We cannot guarantee that problems resulting from modifications to the registry can be solved. Use the information provided at your own risk. Last Modified: October 4, 2002 Home Registry Security Forums Scripting Drivers Copyright © 2003 GuideWorks. All rights reserved. Privacy PolicyLegal Notices I HAVE NOT TRIED THIS MYSELF / SEEK MORE ADVICE
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