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    WOOOOOOOOT!! YEAH......I'm blonde...actually stupid.... but that's okay right? :blushing: LOL


    So I guess tomorrow it's back to the drawing table....YAY!

    Thx Dunce! LOL, now I really feel like an idiot.....


    Prof. Dr. Silver :beer:


    Ps. I meant what I said before though...Thx everyone!



    lol , WOOOOOOOOT!! YEAH......I'm blonde...actually stupid.... but that's okay right? LOL.


    yeah me too :laughing:

  2. New score:




    score = 2721


    2.7ghz ftw ......too bad it didnt really give me much improvement over the previous 2.69.....but hey, im surprized i got it to go 2.7 again without turning on my a/c :mrgreen:



    damn i just tried pushing it some more.....and it half loads windows at 2.71ghz...actually i think i got it to post at 2.72 once.....i have a cup of ice in front of the cpu fan hehe.... but then i tried bumping down the HT link a notch from 4x to 3x and got it to post at 2.77ghz....but windows didnt like anything higher than 2.7 :bang:




    looks good :tup: Superdude688 2721

  3. Guys...first of all, THANK YOU! :clap:


    Since the competition is ending tonight, I won't be able to add another drive for RAID or to try ATI Tool since I don't have time today! :pullhair: I want to say thx to all of you that have made suggestions regarding OC'ing my rig(Specially Pentium Extreme!).


    For a first time OC'er, I made a Pentium D 930(3.0 Ghz) run @ 4.5Ghz CPU-Z verified!!! To make an example, one of our fellow OC'ers clocked his Pentium D 960(3.6 Ghz) @ 5.278 Ghz on water! That is more than 46% OC'ed. However I did a 50% OC on AIR! I started the contest around 2000 points and made it all the way to 3306 points!!! I'm really proud of this achievement!


    I really enjoyed getting into this OC'ing business....and I hope to be doing it a lot more in the future.


    For all of you that still have time....GOOD LUCK!!!


    Thx, Prof. Dr. Silver :beer:




    you need to read the rules again ? :P


    Competition Dates= Dec.1st 7:00PM EDT (Naples time)-Dec.31st. 7:00PM EDT(Naples time)

    1.) One computer entry per member

    2.) Every member may have 2 pitstops for tire changes, processors, memory, vid cards, or drives . (2 only item changes during competition)

    3.) Hardware is open but no ram drives. Drive scores are capped at 630.

    4.) Tests must be dated within the competition dates.

    5.) Members must have a score posted by Midnight EDT Dec.15th. to be eligible for the prize drawing.


    you still got time to upgrade

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