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  1. sorry its so late, well done guys gryph/flew/windsurf
  2. this link should help http://xcso.com/raid.htm
  3. i,m good thanks miggs i guess you have noticed that the pit says we are here, when sometimes we are not lol (not being rude by not replying )
  4. lol i,ve got one of those to enter too cb
  5. lol , WOOOOOOOOT!! YEAH......I'm blonde...actually stupid.... but that's okay right? LOL. yeah me too
  6. you need to read the rules again ? Competition Dates= Dec.1st 7:00PM EDT (Naples time)-Dec.31st. 7:00PM EDT(Naples time) 1.) One computer entry per member 2.) Every member may have 2 pitstops for tire changes, processors, memory, vid cards, or drives . (2 only item changes during competition) 3.) Hardware is open but no ram drives. Drive scores are capped at 630. 4.) Tests must be dated within the competition dates. 5.) Members must have a score posted by Midnight EDT Dec.15th. to be eligible for the prize drawing. you still got time to upgrade
  7. looks good onecool 6091 Prof. Dr. Silver ,cpu/gpu o/c & a few tweaks lol, although i think i have a drive on its way out
  8. score update http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=D8Y4FWYH13WSJUXJ 3372
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