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    CPU: AMD Athlon XP3200+ RAM: 2x1GB PC3200 @ dual MOBO: ASRock K7U-880 vid: GeForce 7900GS 512MB AGP sound: Creative CT4830 HDD: 500GB Seagate SATAII ROM: Samsung DVDRW

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  1. It have been good days lately for AMD I think, Ryzen and stuff - could it be truly new golden era for AMD like Athlon XP period was?! anyway.. is there still any running Athlon XP left next to me?! =D yesterday was hard day for diehard athlon XP - I think we might lack now Skype.. my v7.2 refused to log in and sent me to download new version (what is sadly impossible to install without SSE2 support by cpu), so I was did some test and the latest what I was able to install was skype v7.5, however that was refused to log in as well and was dispaly the same message about being too old. soo.. browser based skype via outlook.com seems to be the last solution how to use it for now.
  2. SpinTires ( http://www.spintires.com/#!/demo ) or at least its demo version is very playable on athlon xp 3200+ (about 25-40FPS)
  3. awesome work dude! athlon XP still in case! =) I was removed dust today from my build,
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