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  1. I too am having this issue. Found a post saying to use Flash Players Uninstaller, reboot then use FLashplayer Installer. Still same results. Please can we confirm something here?
  2. After sveral hours of research about win7...Seem too if you moved temp int file...it really messes up things. did a full reset of IE9 then started in on activex and cookies. As well as going through hoops and fire to get rid of the created files and folders. Seem as though the only thing I come up with is making sure pcpitstop is in the safe zone sites list. No more trouble after that. And may I say I am sick to death of Win7 anal istic use of permissions.. . . . . . and now the only issue this machine has in my ISP is RF Broadband. Capped at 5mg Hits 3.25 most often. But if any f you have used win7 with any wireless, I am certain you have expeirenced the lack of tuning ablity, to the tcp stack ...as with win7 you can not lower the rwin below like 65K. My Rf here starts dropping packets when rwin goes above 14K ish...depending on radio interferences and net work traffic. I had really had hoped as long as win7 has been out , some one would put out a fix for this issue. Happy Trails and thanks.
  3. Finnaly have all updates installed. Save for win7 Service Pack1. Seem sometimes is totally random to pull up and Can find page when starting test. If pressf5 3-5x test runs. Test Seems to complete, and again right after the speed test Either geos stright to no session. Now I tired to change my comments in the splash page after the test,( which again, sometimes comes up) and if I change anything goes straight to no seesion. I believe its in Scripting and or Cookies, just gona have to research how to correct it. lol I just looked up.....I noticed on pcpitstop...when i did get to its cookie test said it was disable, another web site said it was enabled so I am kinds of confused to whats up in my box...only been runng for 24 hours ona fresh install so pretty sure no virus...lol
  4. Still down for me. Most of the time it runs the complete tests, then just when you would expect the summeries page is when it goes to " No session in progress" This was happening on a Fresh Win7 Install repeatedly , then I logged in to a know good xp pro system, same thing was happeneing there too. Didnt like my win7 install, so reconfigured system again and fresh loaded install on win7 again and same issue is still here.
  5. lol Jesus thank heavens. I was getting redy to start diggin into my setup. I can get the test to run after 5x of hitting f5, does hang at testing drives for about 15 secs, then when doen goes stright to "No Session in Progress"....lol
  6. In a decade or so now, this is the first time I think, that I was not sure if it was my machine or the sites?...lol
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