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  1. That makes perfect sense to me and theres nothing wrong with wanting to have awareness and control over your computer, I also feel this way Ok, I got JavaRa off Sourceforge and removed the old versions of Java (I did wonder if all those older versions were useless to me or not), I've now updated to the latest version also. Can I ask you to help me with the other two laptops that use my router as well? I suspect that these will have more problems than mine.
  2. Ok, thats done, here is what the scan found:- C:\Users\xxxxx\AppData\LocalLow\Sun\Java\Deployment\cache\6.0\12\6a3eecc-135d5fec a variant of Java/Exploit.CVE-2012-1723.C trojan I thought the Java console had been behaving oddly recently, all of a sudden the Java Icon started appearing in my taskbar for a time, it's gone now though. Not too much information about this Trojan online after a quick Google search, do you know how to get rid of it? Also, I'm just curious to know why you said to untick the 'Remove Threats' option?
  3. Hi Tomk, thanks for the welcome and the reply, I have done as you asked and here is the log.txt file:- ComboFix 12-07-26.04 - xxxxx 26/07/2012 6:44.2.2 - x64 Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 6.1.7601.1.1252.44.1033.18.4091.2753 [GMT 1:00] Running from: c:usersxxxxxDesktopComboFix.exe Command switches used :: c:usersxxxxxDesktopCFScript.txt AV: Norton Internet Security *Disabled/Updated* {63DF5164-9100-186D-2187-8DC619EFD8BF} FW: Norton Internet Security *Enabled* {5BE4D041-DB6F-1935-0AD8-24F3E73C9FC4} SP: Norton Internet Security *Disabled/Updated* {D8BEB080-B73A-17E3-1B37
  4. Hi, I posted towards the start of the month and was asked by caintry_boy to use DDS and open a new topic here instead of where I posted before. Many thanks caintry_boy for replying to my post, your help is very much appreciated, I apologise that it has taken me so long to post these logs but I have been very busy and have been using Networx Usage monitor to try and discover which of the 3 laptops on the house network is using all the internet and checking the router. Even though we now watch video in lower than Hd quality and I have been monitoring usage, our usage has now gone 110 Gb over o
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