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  1. does the computer work now? Do you still get the error? I looked on Google, but all the messages that have the words Catastrophic Failure have to do either with SQL or with .NET, none of them appear in a normal windows box. If everything runs fine and you don't get the message anymore, it means that nothing happened. Probably just some messed up error generated by Windows. Did you take a pit test to see if everything in your computer is fine?
  2. Did you take a virus test, to see if not hacker kid is messing around with your computer. I really don't think that there is such an error. try housecall and see if you come up clean. also make sure you got a firewall, so that nobody is connecting to your computer.
  3. I just installed sp2 and it's working great, probably better than windows worked before. All I had to do was update a couple of programs, such as StyleXP. But didn't have any problems with it yet.
  4. If you don't want it, use the Add/Remove programs option and un-install it from your computer. If you don't want it to start at startup, but only when you use it, follow these steps: Open The Windows of MSN Messenger Up, go to Tools>Options Go to the General Tab. First option, uncheck it. This will stop MSN Messenger from running at start up. Also a note, everytime when you visit the hotmail site with the IE browser, msn messenger will automatically start, but then shut down.
  5. LAS VEGAS--If everything goes as planned, for 72 hours next February hackers from all over the United States will hit targets across the Internet in the largest mass attack to date. But the affected systems won't be corporate Web servers or networks, they'll be computers set up and maintained by other hackers as part of a capture-the-flag game. When the digital dust clears, the team from either the East Coast or the West Coast will be named winner. "We have people take over someone's box and play the game from there," said "D.D.," a member of the Seattle-based security group Ghetto Hackers, which kicked off a smaller version of the game, Root Fu, at the Defcon hacking convention here on Friday. "In terms of our machines, we are pretty confident that we can contain it." The Ghetto Hackers have run the smaller capture-the-flag-type game, where eight teams hack each other on a closed network, for three years at the convention. Next year, the group of hacking hobbyists hopes to take the game global. Dubbed Mega Root Fu, the new game will be the first large-scale hacking contest played over the public Internet. The group is allowing teams throughout the United States to sign up at its Web site and hopes to have a thousand players come February. Read Article
  6. LOL That article must have a margin of error of about 70%. But really, teens will say anything, even more over the phone. I'm 16 and live in Vancouver, and can tell you that nobody here thinks US is an evil empire. Many of my friends, including me often go down to Washington state in weekends and have fun there. Whoever wrote that article needs to go and interview teens on the street, that's the way to really do a poll. And you'll see that nobody thinks of US that way, especially teens.
  7. it was a trojan horse. Got no idea how AVG let it in, or how housecall missed it. it was iexpiorer.exe only it used a capital "I" so it looked like iexpIorer.exe Fooled me the first time. Seems that I got rid of it. Still intrigued why AVG didn't catch it, I always keep the virus database updated. Info from PestPatrol
  8. iexplorer.exe has tried to access the internet today. It's never done this before. Tried to kill the process, but it keeps reappearing. I've never seen this process until two days ago. Is that the executable of Internet Explorer? If so, why does it want so bad access on the net? Thanks in advance
  9. Clean up those viruses if you have them. Also, make sure you got a firewall. If you don't, the ports on your PC will be open and they could send you many trojans over them. Firewalls also keep you invisible to hackers. ME/XP use system restore which you will have to close down if you are going to remove those viruses. Here is how to WinXP has a firewall, but it's not that useful because it only filters incoming stuff. This allows backdoors installed already to send info out. It's good to have a third party firewall. If you don't like ZoneAlarm, i would recommend Sygate. Heard it's pretty good. Good luck!
  10. Housecall to scan for backdoors and trojans. Might be that you're infected and someone is trying to coonect to the computer.
  11. I can see the headers for that section, but it doesn't report anything.
  12. I got AIDA32 installed. Where exactly do I look for the CPU heat?
  13. It's an Asus MEW-AM When I did the setup for MBM 5, I clicked on my motherboard make and model and it says that the model is "not supported". I never did a setup for speedfan, so I don't know if it's supported or not.
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