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  1. This is damn good ish. Listen to it and be amazed. And then when you have listened to it (and probably listened again because it kills), then realize that the white dude on guitar is blind. OK, maybe when he runs into his chair at the end you might think "is this dude drunk?" No, he's blind.
  2. He's always spot on.
  3. You might think I'm crazy, but I like potatoes best raw. Seriously.
  4. I'm drinking some cheap beers (Nasty Ice) and eating the cans. I hate when I bite down wrong and the aluminum slices into my face.
  5. Then again, we can't bust on Rob too hard, he used a server in DC. He might smoke all of us if he used a server in Brasil.
  6. I know nothing of Portuguese (sp?), but by his ISP company name I'm guessing he's in either Portugal or Brasil. By the server being "Lisbon", I will narrow my guess down to Portugal. I'm too lazy to look up the statistics (maybe Bruce can chime in with a rant) but the USA is actually ranked outside of the top 15 countries of the world in bandwidth speeds.
  7. Chorizo? Machacha? Nice. Good to know that Pitsters know that Mexican food is more than Taco Freakin Bell.
  8. Damn, Bruce, that d/l speed is sick! What's it take you - like 2.1 seconds to d/l DVDs in their entirety?
  9. Duane, you sort of misunderstood me there. I wasn't complaining about my speed, I was whining in the 2 previous paragraphs about other stuff. I'm way happy with the FIOS.
  10. Can anyone explain why my upload speeds are killing everything else in this thread? No, I'm not bragging - it's actually kind of me off in that when I had things that I thought were worthy of uploading, I was on dialup. Now I have nothing, and I'm mad fast. It's like TV. For years I couldn't get ComcastSportsNet so I had to spend money at the bar to watch some Flyers. I moved into a place with FIOS, and now there's not going to be hockey. Am I snakebit, or what! OK, enough crying from me, but why is my u/l speed so much better? Is FIOS the King of Internet?
  11. Like Joe said. I would keep that PC and use it to run some Linux and try to learn that on it. If you can't grasp it and ruin the PC, you were going to chuck it anyway, so no loss. Linux is the future of the PC, and you don't even need to spend money on it if your connection is fast enough.
  12. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't KC famous for ribs? I'll trade you 500 cheesesteaks for one tasty rack of barbecued ribs.
  13. I'm used to arguments about cheesesteaks on the Eagles MB, not here at the Pit. caintry, you're damn straight about it (well, hold that Heinz), but cheesesteak wars are serious around Philly. I'll take Jim's or Tony Luke's over the tourist traps Pat's and Geno's hands down, any day.
  14. One thing that blows my mind is how many PCs some of y'alls on here have. Do you have a bunch of kids, or are they networked together to do what they call "folding"?
  15. I don't know if a cable will help him if the router's up a whole flight of stairs. I have a 25-ft. cat5, I don't know how long they make them.
  16. Damn, somehow I lost what I was going to paste here, but yeah, different sites give different values. I just did speedtest.net and it gave me only 29.75 Mbps down, but 21.05 up?!? Damn, I wish I had that when I used to be in a band that wanted to upload songs of ours. OK, figured out the Klipper thingie.
  17. A minute steak is a steak you can eat in a minute. Like, duh, man. No, seriously, I'll try to explain it. It's a box of thin, frozen slices of beef (Steak-umm might be the best known brand) that you use to try to make the famous Philly cheesesteak with. A real Philly cheesesteak is made from finely shaved beef, but it takes way more than a minute, and a good slicer machine to shave the beef - so they sell the minute steaks and they take about a minute to cook.
  18. That's true, Joe. Right now I'm 30.15 down and 12.65 up at the Pit. Bit of a drop-off.
  19. I understand completely, Duane. But it's good to hear and weigh the comments and recommendations of others. This isn't Political Forum. We're not Reps, Dems, or Indies here, we're all Penguins. But some distros are more user-friendly to n00bs like me, some are geared toward total command-line geeks, some are for programmers and coders, etc. It's good to hear about all of them, it helps people to choose.
  20. Bruce, that is mad good d/l speed, but slow on the upload. I'm not going through the whole screenshot/upload rigamarole right now, just take my word for it that my last Pit test shows: 32.26 Mbps down, 19.02 up. That ping is damn good for sure though if you're a gamer.
  21. Rosie, please post again with the info they are asking for. The geek gurus in the Pit are mad good. They can fix almost anything.
  22. Yeah, I'm just going to stick with openSUSE. YaST is very nice, much easier than doing "make", "make install" and all that compiling stuff, and zypper works when YaST isn't. I haven't had a single freeze since I upgraded to 12.2. I'm in it for the long haul, Penguin pals.
  23. Am I doing the right thing by just sticking with SUSE?
  24. 4 Non Blondes? That's it - suffer through this. I didn't realize I was balding at 39. The bassist is me.
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