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  1. If you have packman installed, just open Yast > Software/Software Management. In "search', put "vlc". Install. Or go to our forum Tips and Tricks/Linux. There's a way to install it through the command line in there. I did it through Yast myself.
  2. fly, man, chill. It's just words on a page. Didn't you yourself just call Bruce the "Grand Poohbutt"?Maybe people are not saying anything positive about Windows because they know that Windows sucks. "All good things are wild and free". Windows isn't free, Linux is. I personally know nothing about women leaving the forum, but sexual harassment is an evil thing, and if I witness it I'll speak out against it. But "Windows harassment" is maybe just people here trying to educate the sheeple that they are not locked into taking whatever Redmond tries to tie them to. Like someone said before in th
  3. I'm not paranoid enough for Tor, man. FF with AdBlockPlus and BetterPrivacy are good enough for me. bb, if it's cool with you, maybe you could post a screenshot of when you open Chrome? I d/led it once, and it had mad icons and all crazy options. I like that my FF opens to a blank page.
  4. It's an old thread, man (if you are a man, if not, sorry, lady). I'm on Firefox 17 now. Duane, can you try to sell me on Chrome? I had it once and I did not like how it opens up with mad baggage. I think Google is the present-day Big Brother (not the lame "reality" show - the great Orwell book). FF is clean as hell and the add-ons are sweet. To each their own, but to me Firefox rules. I even converted my 70-year-old mother to FF from IE. I can't expect her to get into Linux, but at least I got her away from Internet Exploiter.
  5. c_b, ain't Jack there on your vid. Hell yeah, humbluemoon! PRIEST!!! I hate to get political on here, but this could be a case for pro-gay rights. Priest kicked butt as a metal band, but Rob is even more queer than a 3 dollar bill. I don't care, I just rock out to their music.
  6. Maybe you all already know this, but for those who've been searching like mad for a long time for the answer, here it is. Ctrl+Shift+U You'll see an underlined u. Enter the HEX code (not the 3-digit number that worked in Windows) of your character in lower case (f1, not F1) and then press Enter. ­­ ¡Viva la revolución de los pingüinos! (I needed ASCII to make that line.) All thanks to Geriao at the LQ.org boards for this tip. You didn't think I could come up with something this genius, did you? Peace.
  7. You mean there's not an app for that? Explain this to me, please. This really makes no sense. Make sense of it to me if you can. Your friend went on holiday and you used his PC. Now you're going on vacation and taking the PC. Are you mailing the PC to where you are going? If you're taking it with you, you can take it back, too. Please understand - I'm am not trying to make fun of you at all, but I don't see how you can take a PC somewhere and then need to mail it back (unless you're leaving for good, but you said you'll see him in a couple months).
  8. Because Linux has the drivers for those devices.
  9. I've come to change my opinion on this issue. A website is a business, it has to maximize its costs on the most important issues. Yes, I read recently (maybe in PC World, I don't mean to plug any particular media) that Firefox has regained 2nd place among browsers in usage. However, if you add together Firefox and every single non-IE browser together, they still don't equal IE's market share. (Progress is being made, IE once had 80-some%, now they are just barely over 50% - but they are still by far #1.) By far, the most malware is written to attack Windows. PCPitstop therefore dedicates its
  10. But, as Humbluemoon has reminded me, this is a man who can really play guitar.
  11. Much better sound on this upload of "Cut Me Some Slack":
  12. That actually was not bad at all. Vid was kind of blurry, couldn't tell if Paul or Pat was playing lead guitar, but if there's a studio version of that jam they should release it. It would kill most of the crap on mainstream rock radio today. And mad props to McCartney. So many "classic rock" singers were in that concert, and none of them could sing anywhere near as well as they used to. McCartney and Daryl Hall seem to be the only ones who still have the pipes.
  13. Nice to see a tip for Linux on here. It wouldn't help me because I have no DVD, I did the direct d/l, but still - it's great to see Penguin People looking out for each other. Hail!
  14. Is that some sort of medical problem? I hope not.Seriously, take a raw tater (wash it, of course - it's your choice whether to peel it or not) and slice it thin like potato chips. Lay them out on a plate and season them with whatever you want - salt, garlic salt, adobo, Old Bay, whatever. Since it's raw, it's crunchy, but not dried out like potato chips are. Damn, now I've gotten myself hungry for some taters and the stores are closed for the night. Oh, what am I consuming right now? I wish it was Newports and Budweisers, but I'm too poor now. Marlboro Black menthols and Natty Ice. Cheap,
  15. I know I'm no expert, but I had the same problem with the tab being grayed out in Network Manager. I don't know which OS you're running or how you access your network settings (I have openSUSE 12.2 with YaST), but when I switched from User controlled with NetworkManager to Traditional method with ifup, I got my wireless to work.
  16. http://itsyourpc.net/tutorials/linux/Source-Install.html This should help. It's from a Pitster we all know around here.
  17. I know I had the 2nd and 3rd fails on your list, and I'm running just fine.
  18. Kurt and band performing a song from Bleach. Explains my name here, eh?
  19. I don't have a smartphone, and I never will. I have an old school flip phone that I can use to call or get calls from people (and never while at work or behind the wheel). If I want to check something on the Net, it can wait until I get home and boot up my PC. Joe's right - a touchscreen PC would be insane. I can't imagine how many times I would knock over a beer or the soup from a bento box reaching for the screen instead of just chilling easy on the mouse and keyboard. Besides, all y'all should just open your minds and get into LINUX!
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