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  1. I now have 12.2 up and running. No problems at all. See all y'alls Friday for more advice.
  2. Gotta love that Bruce (no hoe moe), he's straight up and blunt always. Yes, the problem is me. I'm in the middle of yet another total re-install, so I'll keep it short - but yes, if I use the method Terry describes, the recommended partitioning consists of an extended partition (?), and small sdas 2, 5, 6, 7, and 8. To hell with that. So then I decided to do the normal "use whole disk" setup to get my usual sda1/swap, sda2/OS, sda3/home setup, but it then gave me my whole system on sda2 and 22 gigs of sda3 unmounted. It said I couldn't edit sda3 because the installation info was on it. That'
  3. You know what? I consider some of you on here like sort of friends and definitely teachers and gurus about this stuff, but I am just about to disappear forever. One more time I will reload my trusty 12.1 ISO disc, but that will be the last time. A warning to people who follow Terry's directions for loading the ISO without burning: it takes up your whole sda3 partition. You end up with a mess of partitions like sda5, sda 7 and 8. Then when I tried to d/l my usual repos and ish, it told me the disc was almost full and I should delete unnecessary files. I'm used to sda1 is swap, sda2 is the
  4. The towel has hit the canvas. 12.3 has whupped my . I won't post any details now, because I am beyond sick of looking at a PC screen in the past 2 weeks, but thanks will be given to those who helped and details will be presented as a lesson to those who hopefully won't follow in my stumbling first steps. Peace, Pit - I'm back to 12.1 and not even properly updated. I'll see y'alls when (if) I get back to 12.2. Too damn annoying right now. No 12.3 for KB. KB P.S. >>> I just have to laugh at some of the captions under the avatars. I'm an "Advanced Member"? I don't know if that
  5. Thanks for the replies. Even Nigel's. Wannabe John Cleese, eh? I ended up doing a total wipe and reinstall from my 12.1 ISO. I updated everything in 12.1, and then manually edited my repos through YaST to 12.2 and did a zypper dup. Now I have solid 12.2 up and running. Here's a question: Last time I went to 12.3, I edited the repos up to 12.3 and got it running. My problem was after I did the "up" and then did the "dup". Options: 1. Stick with 12.2. 2. Edit the repos to 12.3 and do an "up" but skip the "dup". 3. Wait until I can afford a DVD disc and d/l it from SUSE's site and then use
  6. See my own thread. It ain't ready if it messes up what you had already.
  7. Yes, the Grand Poobah has decreed it, so it's my own thread about my own problem. Here it is: I'm a stupid idiot. How do I know this? Because three times now I have tried to upgrade (ha, freakin, ha) Suse 12.2 to 12.3. Every time, I lose the full screen functionality of any vids. This is what I beg of the Pit to help me with. How can I restore full vid capabality on this box, or go back to 12.2 without freaking kernel panic making me start all over again from my 12.1 ISO disc. That is a real hemorrhoid. I've vowed to never return to Redmond, but I will thrust my head straight through my moni
  8. Yeah, Bruce, I get the point, too. Just chatting a bit with the English chap, I guess. If I ever do try to upgrade to 12.3 again and have problems that I can't figure out on my own, I'll gladly start a new thread for it and humbly ask the Pit for guidance. But I'm sticking with 12.2 for now.
  9. Every time I tried to fullscreen any vid, it lost that lower bar thing where you can adjust the volume or whatnot. I had to pound on "esc" like a maniac just to get out of there. In fact, back here in 12.2 - I get a lot of Google cookies that I have to deny. apis.google, so much damn google. Maybe Google is catching up to Linux. Nigel, also get the libdvdcss repository. That helps your vlc. I have had all of those, but I was very happy with Linux until I "upgraded" to 12.3, and now it's been a mess getting things back working again. zypper has been my friend bigtime. 12.3? I'll wait till 13
  10. I had to go back to 12.2, and what a cluster it was to get there. I couldn't watch any vids in 12.3, and if I can't have my tunes I might as well just listen to the last crap rock station left in Philly. I guess the fonts might be the same, I've spent so much time looking at my shell font I probably forgot how FF looked.
  11. Good show, Nigel! How did you upgrade - through a DVD d/l? I did it manually (and made some jolly good botches along the way, almost thought I destroyed my machine), but through seriously drilling into where I erred and bull-headed determination, I'm running 12.3 now, too. My font does look different in Firefox now though. Especially that whenever I highlight anything like text to copy it turns to green. What's up with that?
  12. Maybe not such a cool video as far as a video goes, but I know there are oldheads on here that remember Badfinger and their first hit "Come And Get It". They did not write it. This is the original demo of the song. All instruments and vocals performed solo by the man who wrote the song, Paul McCartney. I think this version kills the one that got on the radio, but let the Pit be the judge. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZFPfTjINV2s I got this from YouTube by George Martin channel. I think it's actually the real George Martin.
  13. Or just hit Enter instead of waiting for the clock circle to end. So when is 12.3 going to be an official stable release?
  14. OK, I went to B&N's site to look for this book, but there are mad duplicates of options. Is the one I want written by Ellen Siever? Plus, it has gone through different editions (the reviews of it I'm reading date from 2003). Which is the definitive book I need? Thanks.
  15. Isn't Limey a racist word? Ban that anti-scurvy-fighting bigot!
  16. I'm firmly on the Linux bandwagon. The only thing I'm worried about is if the companies stop making PCs. I don't have a smartphone, and I don't ever intend to own one.(Didn't even own a simple flip phone until about a year ago.) Damn things are too little, I like to read from a PC screen (and on another sort of topic, I don't want a Kindle or whatever, I read books - but that's for another story). I just want to always be able to come home to my desktop PC and do whatever I do with it. If PCs become obsolete, then you won't see me in any forum any more.
  17. My bad, man. I typed B&N but I was thinking about Staples, where all they have is Win 8 and nothing Linux. I've got a B&N right up the highway from me. When I can grab an extra shift at work or something, I'm buying that book. Hey, and if anyone was helped by the OP, give him some props, eh? Me myself, I don't run NetworkManager and I'll wait for the stable release before I upgrade, but thanks (as always) for posting good advice.
  18. Now that's the kind of link I need, Bruce. I would love to read that book beyond the first paragraph. I would love to be able to buy it, but I don't have much disposable money to throw around, and I doubt they sell it at the local Barnes & Noble. In fact, I think B & N are going out of business. But since I can't afford or obtain said book at the time - would you say that the best way to go from 12.2 to 12.3 when it comes down is to d/l the ISO disk they will come out with and then run from that?
  19. That's exactly what I did. Thanks, T.
  20. Another upgrade coming soon? Hey, it's free. Terry, the last time when we went from 12.1 to 12.2 I just manually edited every 12.1 URL I saw in Yast to 12.2 and then ran zypper dup. Was that spot on? Good to see you around, old bloke. And to the other mate - Welcome to the Penguin People, nigsy! You don't need M$, open source is the real deal.
  21. Maybe it's because Linux has become so much more user-friendly with the GUIs (I use KDE) in recent years that the necessity to really drill down and study isn't as important. I'm way more comfortable in openSUSE than I would be trying to learn Win 8, and I knew way more command line in Win 98SE when I ran it because Win just had so many more problems that it was really necessary to study hard. It's like how I really wish I could understand Spanish better, I'd like to - but I don't really need to. I study it much, but I can function without it here in the USA. Just like I can function in Li
  22. Thanks for the links, Bruce. They're bookmarked for further study.
  23. Nice, but confusing for n00bs like me. I guess "ar" means add repository, but what are "-f" and "-n"? I do know that I installed Kate through zypper install because I didn't find it in YaST. What I really need (not being selfish, any n00b needs) is some sort of Linux for Dummys tut.
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