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  1. Happy Christmas to you too, Affy.

    Thanks for not closing the thread for my mentioning Linux (it has been done before :yup: ), but I'm still contemplating things on this needed switch. Yes, some of the new distros are so user-friendly that myself and the Hawk are new to running them, but we seem to be doing OK. But I have to admit, I really don't know jack about the inner workings. I don't think I'll ever grasp an OS like I did with the old Win98SE. My mom would call me about problems and I could come over and tweak like a magician and fix stuff. MS-DOS command lines, Registry edits, HJT logs, third-party anti-spy/virus/malware - all that stuff. Then I got into Linux and forgot my Windows savvy, and how many new Windows have come out since then that I know zip about?

    I did get her to ditch Internet Exploiter for Firefox, but she sticks to her AOL.com e-addy.


    This is what I'm really getting at here: how much does it cost to upgrade XP to 7 or 8? Does a new PC have to be purchased or do you go to a PC store and buy the disc?

  2. There's always Linux, if I'm allowed to mention it here. :tux:


    David and Juliet, I have a question. My mom runs XP. I'm a total Penguin dude, my upgrades are painless and also free, but will my mom have to pay to upgrade her Windows?

    She's old and she knows jack about computers. I'm considering just installing some Linux on her machine, but she might be happier with Win7.

  3. I use this to burn all my cd's and dvd's and yes Linux .iso images. Works great for me...






    You forgot the linky, old hoss. :mrgreen:@OP: Much good advice in this thread, I suggest you heed it. I'm sure caintry_boy will post his link once he realizes he didn't, but you do need an app to burn ISO discs in Windows. I forget which one I used, or I'd gladly mention it.And Bruce is right on the money as always. If you plan on selling Linux machines and want to offer even some limited customer support to people, you have to know about Linux. I don't know Ubuntu from Jack, but I'll second his recommendation of openSUSE. Its installation process gives very clear guidance on how to install openSUSE on a PC, whether you wish to dual boot with Windows or format the drive for a total Linux machine.Good luck, Joe, I wish you and anyone else only the best if they seek to come over to Linux.

  4. Maybe the poster was 6 years old when the thread was a thread and now said thread has relevance to him or her?

    I've never gotten this thing about not resurrecting old topics. Yes, do your due diligence and Google or whatever what you need to know, but if a thread is old and has an answer in it, why not?

    Maybe MBs should clean out their old threads if they don't want people opening them after SIX YEARS, OH JESUS!

    Trust me, if there is a 25-year-old thread on here about how I juggled between two beautiful gfs, damn right I want it immortalized. :mrgreen:

  5. I don't know how long this thread will last (I'm sure the mods will whack it), but I bring great advice to you all.

    Look at all the threads dealing with problems with Windows systems. All the viruses and trojans hijacking your systems. All the bugfixes that just jam up your computing worse than it was.

    I bring a knight in shining armor: Linux.

    People, you have Google. Seriously look into running Linux. I think I'm a good dude as far as being helpful on PC forums, I always try to help people because people have helped me. But I can't help anyone any more with Microsoft products, because they are banished from my PC.

    Don't jump with both feet in, just research Linux and learn of it. You will not be disappointed.

  6. Damn, Nigel - I asked for it and you brought it. The crowd went nuts when David appeared.

    I hope you're not offended that I call you Nigel. nigsy is just too close to a racial slur where I live. In fact, I was going to post in honor of you for delivering the Gilmour/Waters one song reunion, a song called "Making Plans For Nigel", but since I don't know what sort of plans they were making for him (maybe devious and quite naughty), I refrained.


  7. To hell with all y'alls hating on Eddie in some other thread - this is MUSIC!

    And to the Teas, y'alls know Cat Stevens is Yusuf Islam and a Muslim today? Who cares - not me. Music is music, it belongs to all of us.

    This song does speak loudly to me though. I can't help it that I ain't exactly right, music like this shows me that I am not alone. Hail Vedder!

  8. No more candy for you little boy!

    I lost my sweet tooth years ago, but you do make a valid point as always. Candy doesn't (yet) come from a 3d printer, but no matter which fruit flavor it purports itself to be, it's some sort of artificial chemical flavoring molded into a hard or chewy object. :clap:

  9. I still think this technology is nuts beyond belief, but if they ever do perfect something like this - there's our Armageddon.

    All restaurants will close and the employees will be out of a job. Order something and wait for delivery, hell no, my printer has perfected the most awesome Trenton tomato pie. I want my printer to have a keg tap - but then again, the breweries will go under.

    Maybe the best thing would be to make real women obsolete. Anyone remember "Weird Science"? We could do better than Kelly LeBrock, dammit! Blue eyes, real blonde hair, natural boobies, and...

    Wait, brothers - a woman with this machine could make us obsolete also. Give it a foot-long exit port...


    We should all fight against 3-D printers with all our might. Sorry bb, but I will never eat food created by a "light sensitive resin cured into hard objects". (Then again, that may be how any fastfood joint's dollar menu has already been created. I can get a burger for 99 cents when ground beef is $4/lb? Maybe Wendy was created by this printer, or at least her fluorescent red hair.)


    Wake the freak up you technological loving driving while texting IDIOTS!

  10. Good posts, Nigel and SweetTater.

    My post was sort of abrupt, but I figured that I had already ranted hard enough against smartphones in a different thread that it was time for old angry Kurt to log off for the night.


    One reason for the exodus could be smartphones and iPads. PC sales are down as more people just use phones and tablets. Also, more and more people have gotten fed up with Windows and its constant malware threats and half-butt security patches and have moved on to running Linux distros (three of which were mentioned by Nigel, but there are many more than those).

    And like mentioned before, some people just come in once for a fix and don't realize the true camaraderie of the Pit Community. I know for myself that I would not be typing this right now if not for people who helped me get my current OS up and running.

    d0nut, some Pit oldheads still hang in General Discussions forum, but I'm guilty myself for not being involved in anything Windows-related in here ever since I learned about Linux. I run openSUSE, if you might be interested in making the switch - but people like chengrob, caintry_boy, Jacee, Y kawika, and others are still around with their expert Windows help if you might someday need some.

  11. AVG is still free, like 8210 said, always use caution when clicking options. People can disagree with me freely, but if I was still running Windows, I would buy a Norton product for anti-virus. Spybot S&D was an app I used, along with Lavasoft Ad-aware.

    But if you're really concerned about the PC experience being FREE, consider ditching Microsoft for a Linux OS.

  12. I know this is a late bump :) but I got the aforementioned book today, and it looks like a great book, but way beyond my current Linux knowledge and ability. I'm planning on buying O'Reilly's "Running Linux" and tackling that one first. Does anyone agree with that choice? Does anyone have a better suggestion?

    You have to order the Linux books, they don't have them in stock. I'd bet a large sum that they have mad Windows books on the shelves.


    The point is this: If you're a n00b like me, maybe "Running Linux" would be a better option for you. But thanks anyway to Bruce, I'm keeping this book for the future when hopefully I know more.

  13. OK, to all y'alls, this is my end to this thread. (Well, unless someone will tell me how to know if I should run kernel-default or kernel-pae, but I can always Google that). :)


    Terry, no matter whatever directions you have given me, they haven't worked on my box. (I made this post before I saw your last one, but the 12.3 bungles are with my PC.) Not your fault, it's my machine. I said I was going to Google like crazy and I did. I don't know why my CD/DVD drive can only read store-bought DVDs, but I now know it can't recognize empty ones because I found out that it isn't even meant to. It's a combo CD/DVD drive that can do anything I want with CDs but can't write to DVD. It's all good, I was never a movie buff, if I want a band's DVD I'll buy it at the store. Hell, someone probably has Nirvana at Reading '92 up on YouTube already anyway.


    Bruce (the MAN!) had what I thought was the answer a few posts ago - NetworkCD. Yes! I bought some CD-Rs and d/led and burnt a proper 12.3 ISO disc. Did a clean install, all my repos and apps, opened FF for some rock vids and the same crap happened - vids do not run properly and fullscreen messes everything up. But this time, I got smart. Before I left 12.3 for good, I d/led and burned a 12.2 ISO disc. No more do I have to go back to 12.1, I'm running right now a totally clean install of 12.2, so I'm better off than I was before I started this thread. Thanks to Bruce. 12.1 disc is in the trash. I've got a good 12.2 ISO now for if I bollocks anything else up.


    No one can tell me anything to convince me to try 12.3 again on this box. 12.2 works, I am cool with it. If I buy a new machine I'll try 12.3 again, but by the time I could possibly afford one, it might be 15.3 by then.


    I don't know why the 12.3 won't work, it could be my graphics card or whatnot. Remember, this PC was a gift from my brother, I have no idea how old it is or what it's capable of. Before I remembered Bruce's post about networkCD, I thought of just installing a new DVD drive, but this box is not a tower, I have no idea how to take it apart. So to close, again I thank you all in the Pit for your help, and I do have Linux in a Nutshell on its way to my crib. $50 if I got to delivered to B&N and picked it up there, $30 to have it delivered straight to the crib. I think y'all know which option I picked. Much studying in the future.

    And thanks to the sender of the 12.3 disc. It's not your fault my DVD drive is crapola. Who knows, maybe I'm a tool in real life, but in the Penguin People Tux Community - mad help is always given and I want to study up hard to hopefully someday help other people like I used to do back in the happily forgotten days of Gatesland.



  14. you will not get that message unless your trying to format sda3 which it can not or will not let you do, because it's where the install medium is that it's using to do the clean install.

    Not true, old chap. Tried it many times. sda2 will let me click "Edit" and then choose to format the partition and mount it at "/".

    Click "Edit" on sda3, and up comes that message, no options to choose to format, mount, or not.


    Good news though, I hit for close to $300 Yank on the lottery this week, so it's time to journey to Barnes&Noble and get that book Linux in a Nutshell.

  15. OK, I couldn't delete the ISO through Dolphin, but then I opened a terminal and whacked it from my Downloads folder by using rm.

    I left the one in my /home folder so I could follow your instructions - but it's like I said before, Terry. sda2 works out just like you told me, but when I go to set the mount point for sda3 it says it cannot be modified because it contains the data necessary to perform the installation.


    I think I should just concentrate on getting my DVD drive functioning properly so I can just burn the disc and run from there. I'll be doing some mad Googling this weekend, that's for damn sure.

  16. I don't know where the hell my last ginormous post went. Oh hell, try again.

    Here's the deal: I am sticking with 12.2. In fact, I have to do yet another total reformat this weekend because I can't delete the damn 12.3 ISO I d/led and copied to /home as per Terry's instructions. 8.4 gigs wasted on my box.

    Bruce, I did go into the custom partitioning area after my first try with all those wack partitions, but it will not mount sda3. It installs everything on sda2. Here in 12.2 I have the proper partitions: sda1 is 1.6 GB for swap, sda2 is 16GB mounted as /root, and sda3 is 22 GB mounted as /home.

    Does this mean anything to anyone?

    /dev/dvd: multcount = 0 (off) IO_support = 1 (32-bit) readonly = 0 (off) readahead = 1024 (on) HDIO_GETGEO failed: Inappropriate ioctl for device


    My CD/DVD drive will read any CD, whether commercial, home-burnt, or empty. It will only read commercial DVDs like my Pantera DVD. My home-burnt Nirvana DVDs will not work, and somebody was kind enough to burn me a 12.3 disc, but that didn't work either. I ripped Nirvana's first album (hence the screenname) with k3b and then burnt it to an empty CD-R (plays just fine), but my drive won't recognize that there's an empty DVD-R in it when I try to burn the 12.3 I downloaded.


    Here's how I get back to 12.2 after the wack 12.3 debacles: I put in my 12.1 ISO (remember, 12.1 was a CD-R burn, so my drive reads it). I then add my repos and packages that I learned about through Bruce's site and Terry and others here at the Pit, and do a total zypper up. Then I go into YaST and change all my repos from 12.1 to 12.2 and do a zypper dup, followed by zypper up. That's where I am now. But if I try to do the same thing but change from 12.2 to 12.3, it kills fullscreen capabilities for youTube and any other vids. I need my rock and roll, y'alls.


    So unless someone can show me how to get my DVD drive up to speed, 12.2 is where I will stay. Like Bruce posted, it's still going to be supported for 255 more days. Hell, I could be dead by then, or even maybe win the lottery and buy a bangin new PC.



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